Monday, October 25, 2010

Stuff to think about --

European governments get into trouble by overloading on pensions and other expensive benefits; American governments get into trouble by practicing a kind of casino liberalism, in which credit flows too easily, everybody goes too deeply into debt, and if the growth ever stops, everything crashes. Now Nevadans are being presented with a great clash of social visions: help from Washington with Reid versus less of Washington with Angle. The stakes are real, not rhetorical. Reid's reëlection campaign is about the role of government in the United States. Obama's reëlection campaign will be about that, too.

-- Nicholas Lemann in the October 25th New Yorker article about Harry Reid


  1. Elizabeth, do I HAVE to think about this? I read it and my brain got tired. I don't know how I have any smart friends. But I'm glad I do.

  2. I can't think cause now there is blood and brain leaking out of my ears.

    Thanks Elizabeth :)




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