Monday, October 18, 2010

Enough is enough

The lovely lady above is Miss Lottie Grant, Fat Lady of the Circus.

I've been complaining out loud a bit and over-time, in my head, about getting old, about finally getting old, about how I just woke up old in the last few months.

I'm feeling old, people.

Here's the thing: I'm only 47. I hate to exercise and was effortlessly thin for more than half of my life. I'm not thin anymore, by a long shot, but still hate to exercise.

Enough is enough. It's a circus in these parts and I'll be damned if I become the Fat Lady of the Circus.

I signed up, today, for four weeks of an outdoor boot camp. My first day is tomorrow at 5:30 am.

Wish me luck -- hopefully, I'll live.


  1. You will live, but you may wish for death.

  2. Good luck, Elizabeth. I highly recommend walking, too. I walked daily for many, many years and never gained an ounce. Then I stopped after back surgery....rut-row. Ten pounds!

    I was the same as you: naturally thin most of my life until I hit about 45. Five pounds. Then menopause bitch-slapped me and body-slammed me with twenty pounds in spite of me counting every single calorie that went into my hungry mouth. Ouch. I'm back walking (limping, really, but happy to be able to do that) and the weight is leaving in ounces, but I vow to not give up. And I may have to try hormone replacement therapy. I've taken enough Black Cohosh and herbal remedies to sink a ship to no avail. The hot flashes are killing me slowly. I'm going soon to beg my ob-gyn for some of the hard stuff before my husband moves out to the shed in least to get me through the hell-fire of these hot flashes.

    Be careful at the boot camp and don't injure yourself. That'll just mean more weight! Blessings!

  3. Whoa- Elizabeth! That's crazy! Crazy awesome, I hope. You have far more backbone than I do. Bless your heart and I hope you enjoy it in some strange way.
    And can I say that Miss Lottie Grant would not look out of place at Walmart these days? Well, if she changed her clothes.

  4. Good for you! Take a nice soak in the tub later and loosen the muscles up. I am getting bugged with the recovery of my wrist and the limitations I have. Slowly getting back to walking after those 2 months of nothing. I have gained and I will not weigh myself as yet. Later....when I feel better.

  5. That sounds great, actually, and I hope it makes you feel wonderful!

  6. good god woman.
    your schedule had an idle hour?

    you know you'll end up feeling better but might have to factor in a nap.
    and a massage.

    and I hate that my body is doing it's own thing.
    I am still sporting my baggy capris I bought post injury this summer, while everyone else into wearing fall sweaters and boots and jeans. Mine don't fit. I'm not talking muffin top don't fit, don't fit at all.
    I refuse to buy new ones.

    so I either get this done or snow boots and khaki capris with a parka will be the new look for winter.

  7. Lots of luck Elizabeth.A boot camp was just what I needed to get my butt moving.Literally.At 46,I feel your pain.Hating that mirror and the fact i am losing my eyelashes ... but that is a whole other story!

    Will be thinking of you as the dawn breaks.

  8. I don't hate to exercise, but I sure do hate to sweat. Best of luck!

  9. Great idea if that is what you want to do. Weird story about grossly overweight people and what one does not usually hear about, at least I don't.

    We were at ER with Barry when he was waiting to have a CTscan (for what turned out to be a pulmonary embolism) anyway,now it is near midnight and there is this rush about the place. The reason? a young man as wide as he was tall simply broke the table and no replacement could be gotten until
    8:00 AM. Thank goodness this was OHSU and there were other places within the Hospital to have a CTscan.

    Now think, small town, 1 Hospital, 1 CTscan room, 1 table, 1 pulmonary embolism yet to be diagnosed. What are the odds to survive this without a CTscan? Another reason for heavy people to wonder about their weight. You couldn't break that table even with a sledgehammer.

  10. I think you are gorgeous. But the boot camp sounds like fun. In a masochistic sort of way.

  11. Good luck with the boot camp, and have fun! If it's not fun, you'll be less likely to stick with it.

  12. Good for you! Exercise is supposed to be good for a lot more than just your waistline!

  13. Good luck, and godspeed... (I can so relate to this post. I need to get motivated! Can't wait to hear how it goes.)

  14. Oh boy! Today I am 44. I get what you are saying here. Not sure that I am ready for boot camp, but I think I need to eat MUCH less sugar.

  15. I was thin my whole life too. I started gaining weight at age 40 and now have to watch what I eat and must exercise.

    Good luck with the boot camp. You're a better than I am.

  16. Have fun! I hope that you find some like-minded women that you can do it with and that the dreaded exercise becomes something you look forward to. It took me years to find something I could stand to do that constituted exercise, but once I did, there's no looking back. I predict you'll be laughing in no time.

  17. Wishing you luck, energy, inspiration, encouragement, motivation and good company in boot camp. Please send postcards to the rest of us!

  18. OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP! Four weeks! 5:30 AM!

    Are those enough exclamation points for you? I'm impressed. But just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

    You'll probably end up being one of those marathoning mamas at the end of it. Endorphins flowing, skin glowing, muscles rippling, carb loading just to keep weight on. Are you psyched yet?

  19. I hope it makes you feel better. I am all for exercise and good health. But I am not concerned anymore about my weight. It is a burden too heavy for me to carry. (No pun intended). I will never be thin again. But that does not mean that I should not get up and move.



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