Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Driving Home from Boot Camp

6:30 am, still dark


  1. Boot Camp? Who's in Boot Camp?

    Love your new colors and design.

    Your life takes more stamina than any two or three other people's. No wonder you're tired and tired. I hope you can squeak out some yoga time and a few minutes a day to sit in your beautiful back yard and breathe. Not thinking, just letting the air fill your lungs.

    If you were here, I'd

  2. take you for margaritas, which is a different wipe-the-mind-clean practice.

  3. Doesn't it feel just a little bit good to be done with that much work at such an early hour?
    I hope it does. It should.

  4. So proud of you. Are you fully caffeinated before you go? I sure hope so!

  5. to actually get into the car and drive, to allow that much time on top of the time already.. you rock.



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