Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where are my trolls when I need them?

...and we're supposed to trust private enterprise with our healthcare?

Read HERE.


  1. You mean trust - greedy, selfish, self promoting, self serving - private enterprise don't you. And if any of your trusty trolls are evangelical Christians, why do they most likely think corporations and the people running them don't need regulating? Are they (big pharma, big oil, etc) without sin? Hell no.

  2. Oh holy shit. And yet- why am I not surprised?

  3. Ridiculously scary. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. I kind of think that Kimmie's adjectives - greedy, selfish, self promoting, self serving - apply to people in general, not just private enterprise. There are definitely more opportunities for large entities to go unchecked, though.

  5. hmmm..... and I wonder what Ms. Whistle Blower will do with her 96 million...

    so many thoughts are running through my head

  6. I heard about this on the news earlier this week. I'm not surprised. I bet the pharmacetical companies outsource to China where there are no regulations on anything. . .to make more money for THEM.

    Regarding Kimmie's comment: why, dear Lord, do people put every Evangelical Christian on earth in one big dumbass lump? We are not zombies who all blindly believe everything together. Give it a rest.

    Great post, Elizabeth. Blessings!

  7. Marion- while I appreciate what you're saying, it's a rare thing to find or hear an evangelical speak in tones other than the strident. I think it would behoove moderate evangelicals and moderate Muslims,for that matter, to raise their own voices against the fervent. Perhaps then we might listen. In the absence of that, I, like Kim, will probably NOT give it a rest.

    Michelle : I thought about the whistle-blower too. It's all obscene, no?

  8. sorry Marion ... but I cringe in church when global warming is questioned and muslims are feared and capitalism is revered. There's something wrong there .... but I keep going because they are my family. And I question the logic. Just questioning the logic.



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