Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quote of the Day

Because I barely had a chance to speak with him yesterday about his school flag football game, I asked Henry this morning how it went. He's twelve and in sixth grade.

We lost again, Mom, he replied. We got creamed, 45 to nothing.

Remember that you're a new middle school and an even newer team, Henry. You're probably the youngest team playing, I answered.

Mom, it's so unfair. Those guys had beards.


  1. I had a crush on a guy in Jr. High who had a beard. And drove a motorcycle. He might not have been so bright but he was cute.

  2. I love this SO much! He's a cool guy, that boy.

    Gregg told a similar story about playing in a junior high school basketball game, in which the opposing team had chest hair (visible through a basketball uniform). He told me he thought, "Those are MEN!" (imagine his voice cracking in the middle of the word "men").

  3. What a gorgeous comment. Henry's competitors must have been positively ancient. No wonder thy lost.

  4. It is unfair! Such a huge discrepancy in the developmental levels of middle school kids!

  5. lol!
    no fair is right Henry. Sheesh!

  6. OMG! This is a classic! We always say in Florida since the FCAT fiasco that elementary school will have to start implementing student parking for all the 3rd graders who can't pass the test and drive themselves to school.

  7. Fear the Beard - that's how the Giants won the world series. You son has a point.



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