Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gus and Izzy

A sweet little boy in the fourth grade who lives in our community is very sick. Please pray for him, send him healing thoughts, acknowledge the abundance of the universe for Gus.

My dear friend Erika of The flight of our Hummingbird has a little girl, Izzy, who is also struggling but with persistent seizures. She is in the hospital fighting them. I hope you'll send good thoughts and healing prayers her way, too.

To Gus and Izzy and their beautiful families

May the long time sun shine upon you
May all love surround you
And the clear light within you
Guide you on.

-- Irish Blessing


  1. Sending prayers of healing and strength, to these two little loves.

  2. Sending a heap of good thoughts and prayers...too much for those too young.

  3. We are all rooting for Izzy, and now Gus.

    Thanks for reminding us about these families. I loved your Irish blessing and hope they can feel it. xo

  4. Prayers for the small and vulnerable, and all those who love them.

  5. Yeah, well. I am lighting a candle. You know me.

  6. Oh, my. I send out as much as I am able to the universe for these little ones. Be well Gus & Izzy.

  7. Two candles are burning by Quan Yin,
    She who is the protector of women and children to cast her gentle gaze upon Izzy and Gus and all the children in need of her loving help.

  8. Allegra said it better than I could. Prayers, love and positive healing energy for those precious children, their parents, and all children and parents across the world. God have mercy, Lord have mercy; Mary, full of grace, pray for us (all). xoxoxox

  9. praying for them both... sweet ones who should know no pain, yet they do. may they both be encompassed by love and light and peace. may the Lord look upon them with mercy and touch them with healing.

  10. "acknowledge the abundance of the universe"... oh, Elizabeth, for someone who does not pray in temples or churches, this made me tear up. Acknowledging, acknowledging. May the abundance lift the children and their families out of this dark time.



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