Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reflecting on the quotidian

The shoes on the lady in front of me in the line at Trader Joe's

Boy shoes in disarray, as usual

Girl shoes, positioned for added cushioning in case of seizure 


  1. And how do we walk a mile in someone else's shoes?

  2. That looks as horrendous as my boys' shoes. :)

  3. First...I don't know how one walks in real high high heels....

    Second....your son's have a thing for black shoes..and many pairs! Of course they do play sports.

    Three....I like those black shoes of Sophie's. They remind me of shoes an Irish dancer would wear...sweet.

  4. I would fall out of those high heeled shoes. Or turn my ankle. Some sort of disaster would befall me.

    I like how your son's shoes have been walked over on the heels.

    I want those black shoes of Sophie's!

  5. The boys shoes! Such a familiar sight!

  6. H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! But about, um, those boy shoes. How many sons do you have again? Or is the real question, how many shoes does a boy need? I'm seeing a gender paradigm shift here :) Of course, all of this pales in the face of my utter jealousy of being able to shop at a Trader Joe's. oh for my good old Portland, OR days...

  7. All -- I feel like I have to comment, particularly regarding the enormous numbers of black athletic shoes of my TWO boys. Those are mainly cleats -- soccer cleats, baseball cleats and football cleats. They have been lying there for years -- Henry is much bigger than Oliver and has always had bigger feet, so Oliver either fits into old cleats or we have to buy him new ones. It's ridiculous, really, and the sheer amount of them drives me insane. I didn't even take a photo of the equipment corner across from them -- sports bags and bats and balls and lacrosse gear and helmets and knee pads and the errant dirty socks.

  8. Ha, Henry and Oliver have nothing on me. For soccer alone, I had mud shoes, turf shoes, indoor shoes, and standard cleats. Then there were my cross country racing flats, track spikes, hi-top court shoes, lo-top court shoes, hi-top & lo-top hiking boots, climbing shoes, biking cleats... and my full complement of girlie shoes!

    I like your stealth photo of the woman's shoes in front of you :)

  9. I can hardly walk in flip flops....Those heels! yiyiyi!



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