Monday, August 22, 2011

Live from the Hollywood Bowl

Encore number at Fantasia - Hollywood Bowl, August 21, 2011

I was invited last night to attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, one of the most beautiful spots in Los Angeles, if not the country. The mountains ring the arena, and the ridge line over the top always reminds me of something from a Fellini film -- I almost expect a line of singing and dancing people to rise up over it and toward us. As the sun sets, the air gets cooler and cooler until you need to put a sweater on, and when the music begins it feels as if you've left one of the country's largest cities for some kind of alternate universe. The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra played music along with the old movie Fantasia, which had been beautifully restored. I confess that when my friend invited me, I wasn't excited. I'm not that into Fantasia. Can I tell you that the night was fantastic? Not only was the food delicious -- we sat in a little box and ate Caesar salad, tomato salad, smoked salmon salad and whoopie pies -- but the music, live, alongside the beautiful images was magical. The conductor led us through the history of Walt Disney's work on the movie and the incredible amount of artistry that was required pre-computer animation. He also showed a short film that Disney collaborated on with Salvador Dali that combined the sensibilities of the two artists -- at the end of it, the four of us sat with our mouths open. The music alone was worth the entire night:


  1. What an unexpected and beautiful gift.

  2. I love when that happens. And it happens to me frequently. I tend to drag my feet when it is time to attend concerts, and yet am thrilled when I am there and the music begins! I am so glad you had a great evening with your friend.

  3. That sounds like a beautiful dream. What a setting! I remember visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico once and reading about their outdoor opera venue: there in the desert and the mountains. Oh I would love to go.

  4. i'm glad you had a magical evening :)

  5. My husband still expects every picnic to replicate one that he had at the Hollywood Bowl. Complete with silver, china, crystal wineglasses and porcelain teacups.

    It sounds like a magical evening :)

  6. I'm not a Fantasia fan either but this night sounds so freaking fantastic! So glad you had a good time! And a sweater? SWEATER???? Did I really hear sweater? I can't even take the trash to the curb in the evening without suffering an electrolyte imbalance and heat stroke.



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