Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Leaving Hate to the Professionals (Grady Doctor's Title)

I'm inspired by a fantastic real live doctor who blogs at Reflections of a Grady Doctor to take a pledge and stick to it for the rest of the month. Do it with me! Hold me to it!

Read more HERE.

Here's the pledge:

I, Elizabeth Aquino, do solemnly pledge to allow no insults directed toward or about myself to leave my lips for the rest of the month. This includes but is not limited to references about the following:
  • butt size
  • hair length
  • baby weight
  • belly circumference
  • skin surface
  • crows' feet
  • height
  • complexion
  • salary
  • material possessions
  • marital status
  • relationship status
  • grades
  • achievements in comparison to someone else
  • achievements of your children
  • size of your house
  • make of your car
  • mistake from your past
  • compliments to others with reflexive insults to yourself in same breath
The good news is that you can liberally make reference to the following:
  • Craziness of your own family members (but only in presence of other family members)
  • Annoying quirks of your significant other (but only in absence of your significant other)
  • Any person who stars on any reality television show including but not limited to any Kardashian, Snooki, the people on the Parking Wars show, and any of the housewives Real or Basketball. (Exception to this rule: "Swamp People" and the daddy on "Pawn Stars.")
 ***(play the anthem below and shake what your mama gave you if you commit)***

Vowed on this day in August 2011: Elizabeth Aquino


  1. I just linked her too!
    And I would say that you did a better job but I'll leave that to the professionals.
    Can Sister Manning change our lives?
    P.S. Can I tell you how much I love that picture of you?

  2. I'm a committer quitter! So, I join Mary in saying that's a great photo of you!!


  3. I am a little confused, so to clarify, if I agreed to the same terms as you:

    I could still watch porn AND not only scootch down to swamp people level but punching in the mouth is also OK as long as I don't mention the size of my ass while punching said swampy peoples?

    would all of the above behavior still fall under good favor with the Grady Doctor Oath? (if I subbed Kardashian for Swamp Personas peoplesons)

    and what about cops and mormons? free reign for colorful comments about right?

  4. Woo hoo! Thanks Elizabeth!

    I LOVE that picture of you--so gorgeous!!

  5. I'm in and I'll ask my girls to pledge, too. Especially the tween who is beginning to have body image issues (already!!!).

  6. Love it!! I'm in!

    Amazing photo too.

  7. I have got to go read her I go!

    Oh Lady you said it big, BIG!

  8. I'm glad you posted this picture again because you've given me the opportunity to say what I thought when I first saw it: you are gorgeous.



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