Monday, July 16, 2012

For all the wavering Catholics out there,

tawk amongst yourselves:

Now, for the rest of us, what next?


  1. Not wavering since 1974 as I was an insider for 8 years! Ah, Cardinal Dolan, the man who paid pedophiles 20,000.00 to quietly leave the priesthood? Pages could be filled with my stories....

  2. That was so Klu Klux Clanny - yuk and yikes!

  3. Sorry, I'm a little dense----is this the Catholics for Romney movement?
    The Catholic-Mormon coalition? I can hardly wait to see who he's choosing for VP. Er... is Condi Catholic? I guess I could Google that, but I don't want to. The ad has a sort of
    Inquisition vibe. And the woman coming from the voting booth doesn't look at all pleased with whatever she did. Is that a lesser-of-two-evils
    expression on her face?

  4. So is God suddenly going to start "protecting life from conception till natural death" with angel doctors and fairy antibiotics?

    I'm unclear on how the church maintains its non-profit status.

  5. Well, that was a brief trip through hell.

  6. As a Catholic who has seen far more "in your face" ads, this was not bad. I've seen much worse on both sides. I would not even know who this ad is for if I didn't know what the stance is of the church. At the end of the day, the Pope said, at the time of the last elections to vote for the whole package, not pieces of it. There are radicals in every religion, and the Catholic faith, as old as it is, has had a lot of time to get these off shoots. Some of these religions are one big radical offshoot, period--not mentioning any by name here.

    This is going to be a very tight election and it's the economy that is going to make the difference. You are not going to change the minds of those already firmly entrenched on one side of the other. It's those of us (like me) who can and do swing both ways on the vote, and in the swing states who will make the determination as to who will be our president next term. And it's not the rich, the fundamentalists, the Catholics, the die hard liberals,the disabled,the minorities who will be making this determination.

    I will go Obama, but not because of his great performance these past four years. He has been less than inspirational. I vote, because I dislike the stance of the Republican party and Romney more, and fear who will be put on the Supreme Court. We have some old codgers sitting there, that just might not last the next 4, years and more important than who our presidents will be in the next 3 terms is who will be sitting on those benches. Even if Obama wins this round, a conservative naming and getting through certain types on that court in the next terms will shift the balance tremendously. It is on that precarious of a balance.

  7. I love the little quote going around FB which says "will you still care about that unborn fetus if he turns out to be gay?"

    Or I might add....."if he's molested by one of your clergy?"


  9. Catherine: Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I would be interested in seeing a video/campaign ad or something from "the other side" that comes close to the video that I put up. I think it's pretty clear who the video is "for" -- whatever candidate has a conservative social agenda, and that's nearly always a Republican. And I'd add that the Catholic agenda has gained traction in recent months, pairing with evangelical Christians to dismantle the rights of women and influence secular law. The fact that they have tax-exempt status is repellent. As for the "swing" voter -- another sign that our "democracy" is anything but -- and I'd wager that even the swing vote is largely swamped by the special interests and oligarchy at work.

  10. Count me was wavered.

    Way wavered.

    And: amen.

  11. Accck.... Acckkk.... Acckkk!!!!

    what scares me more then this add are the people who believe this shit.



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