Sunday, July 1, 2012

There must be a better title for this Medscape article

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Reason for Optimism in Epilepsy?
Medscape Neurology

And for those of you who take things quite literally, I'm aware that there might be a treatment on the horizon that gives those who deal with the scourge hope, but as a minor wordsmith and lover of the embellished, I'd rather the title of the academic paper was: 
Reason for Not Killing Yourself Over Your Child's Refractory Epilepsy.


  1. Being an academic paper, perhaps at least include your title as a subtitle, eh?

  2. People have no idea, love. None. This is why you need to do your book.

  3. I also subscribe to Medscape and am surprised by the language that is used in many of their research articles.

    I worked in medical research for many years, where this was always the norm. Even before I had children diagnosed with special needs, it always bothered me that there was a kind of callousness or perhaps a better description is, a lack of respect, for the subject to which the researcher was presenting.

    I understand that it is important to one's credibility to be unbiased and objective in their presentation of research findings. And perhaps many folks believe that this is what makes better researchers?

    But personally, I believe, we do a great disservice to "these same subjects" when there is a lack of humanness in our initial approach to their "healing".
    I'm with you Elizabeth!

  4. I wish it were only a hyperbole to say refractory seizures have incited my own ideations of self-defenestration, but some days they definitely get the better of me. And i don't even have to deal with them (just their aftermath and the subsequent anxiety).



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