Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer, Day 28


  1. I like your Summer photo posts. Some thoughts don't need words.

    Yesterday's post was amazing with the mix and balance of past and future, hurt and hope.

    Your withdrawal from activism makes so much sense to me. No one can do everything. And you've done so much. Time to pass the torch. Today takes as much as most of us have to give.

  2. I envy you. i hope it's okay to say that because i am happy for you, too.

  3. You know what I love about your family? Everybody is always together. That is love.

  4. it looks like that room has weather of it's own - very humid with an occasional waft of teenager scent :)

    that big round thing looks like a giant dreamcatcher - but I'm sure it has something to do with (baseball?)

  5. what fantastic composition to this photo. it tells such a story of your children with one click :)



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