Saturday, July 28, 2012


Let the Day Go

            who needs it
I had another day in mind
something like this one
              sunny green the earth
just right having suffered
the assault of what is called
torrential rain the pepper
the basil sitting upright
in their little boxes waiting
I suppose for me also the
cosmos the zinnias nearly
blooming a year too late
forget it let the day go
the sweet green day let it
take care of itself

Grace Paley


  1. I like, very much.

  2. After a death in the family and a trip to California for the memorial service and then some recovery time at home, I had a back log of your posts in my RSS feed, which I finished reading last night. They read like a book I can hardly wait to return to every night, and so I am back in the daily mode of wondering how you and Sophie are doing, what the boys are up to, how the weather is in LA, and what you are thinking about today. I love each one of your blogs, even one like today's when you let poetry speak for you. I love how transparent you are: mad as hell or tender or amazed or cranky. Thank you for being a faithful blogger. Thank you for taking your show on the road (so to speak). You and your writing are an important part of my day, and I appreciate you very much for writing through cake flour, balloons, boys' sports equipment, Sophie's chair, and all those other things that make up your life.
    With love and appreciation,

  3. The poem and the photo are so wonderful right now. Thank you.



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