Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Contradictions in a day

I went to the grocery store early this morning feeling overwhelmed about nearly everything. I sat in my car and did a ten minute meditation, a prayer for mercy, for light, for wisdom. I know there shouldn't be a for when you meditate, but it was the best I could do. When I walked into the store, that very good looking and sort of ugly actor with the diabolical name who stars in Homeland walked out. At least I think it was him. And when I got home, this car was parked in front of my house. Fantasies abound.

I had to take Sophie to the orthopedist this afternoon for a general exam and to get authorization for those $1500 orthotics. The orthopedist's office is in Santa Monica, along Wilshire, and it took me nearly forty-five minutes to travel about six miles west for a $140,  fifteen minute appointment that included a hip x-ray, and then I was back in the car, heading east to pick up the boys at their school in Koreatown which took more than an hour. Sophie hummed the entire way. But, Sophie's hips and spine looked perfect, said the orthopedist, so there's that. And I listened to Gone Girl in the car the entire ride despite the fact that it was wildly inappropriate for Sophie's ears. Or maybe not, given that she is nearly eighteen years old (good god almighty!).

$1500 Orthotics in Tom's

I argued with Henry on the phone, begging him to get a ride home. He is The Student Body President and needed to stay at school to help prepare for the winter dance this Friday which meant that after driving for over two hours (to Santa Monica and then Koreatown and then home), I'd have to go back out to pick him up. He got a ride home. Here's a random photo of Henry, a repeat of the other day, because it makes me laugh so hard. I love him, even if he does think of me as The Chauffeur.

I got home, unloaded the car of Sophie and her wheelchair and Oliver and his backpack and listened politely to The Man Up the Street who was inquiring about the boys who were ding-dong ditching just then at his house. It wasn't my boys, I said politely, We just got home. I pushed the wheelchair and cleared my throat. I brought Sophie inside and thought how much I'd like to forego dinner and just drink some Newton's Folly. Have ya'll tried that?


  1. Well, look at this way. All this driving experience and you'll be able to get your chauffeur's license and make the big dough after your boys start driving. Personally, I'm thinking Stretch-Hummer with a drink-and-cupcake bar.

  2. You are a marvel, Elizabeth.

    (You could stock your limo with that hard cider....)

  3. All in all a bunch of contradictions but I am thinking mostly good? And I adore Sophie's Tom's - they are fantastic!

  4. Yay for Sophie's perfect hips and spine!
    And darling- I'd just go straight for the vodka. But that's just me.

  5. What a day! I don't know Newton's Folly and I don't know ding-dong ditching (but I can guess at the latter). Glad Sophie's frame is looking good!

  6. I particularly adore your dignified indignation at the man inquiring about ding-dong ditching and your boys. i pictured a straight backed head held high mama pushing sophie's chair with her boys trailing obediently behind her. i could just about hear the harumphff! it made me smile this morning.

    AND HENRY WON STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! (did i miss that post?)

    And congrats to Oliver, his campaign manager, too!

  7. I was so hoping that Oliver made some quick comeback at the notion that a neighbor might think he was ding-dong ditching. Although, having done that in my day with my brothers, there is a part of me that still thinks it is a perfectly appropriate thing for a teenage boy to do. (I know, go ahead and get mad - for people who have to struggle to get to the door, it's awful, but if you can select the neighbors who are steady on their feet...).

    I don't miss my marathon days in the car, but like the others, I'm happy to hear that Sophie's hips are looking good. And those Tom's! Gorgeous!

  8. I always love hearing about your life in L.A. That actor is exactly as you've described him. So is Claire Danes, for that matter. In US Weekly (plane reading)I saw pictures of Russel Brand leaving his yoga studio and thought of you. That picture of you and Henry is marvelous. Your boys make me wish I had some.

  9. this exhausts me, just reading it. (but i am glad sophie's hips and spine got a good report.)



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