Sunday, December 2, 2012

The LAUSD Cheetah and My Sanity as Ostrich

On Friday, Sophie got a slim white envelope in the mail from her high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Here's what it said:

To the Parents of SOPHIE ____________,

A candidate for graduation from Los Angeles Unified School District schools must complete a comprehensive educational program before being awarded a diploma. This program includes the completion of prescribed subjects, both academic and elective with a minimum of 230 credits.

  • 12th grade to graduate = 230 credits
  • 11th to 12th grade = 170 credits
  • 10th to 11th grade = 110 credits
  • 9th to 10th grade = 55 credits

As of the above date, your son/daughter has earned 100 credits and consequently is being demoted to the 10th grade.

It MAY be possible for students to make up some or all of the credit deficiencies, providing the counselor's advice is carefully followed when planning for the remaining time in high school.

Remember, THERE MAY NOT BE SUMMER SCHOOL AGAIN THIS YEAR, so it is important your child passes all his/her classes or he/she could be in danger of not graduating.

Blah, Blah, Blah.

So, apparently, Sophie is being demoted to 10th grade due to insufficient credits. There's so much wrong with this letter that I don't know where to start. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry but as laughing generally saves me, while crying makes me feel like shit, I'm choosing the laugh. Picture me as the goofy ostrich running like hell from the beast.


  1. shitheads. Does anybody at that school actually interact with Sophie or her family? Give me a break.

  2. Yes, there is SO much wrong with that letter. I agree, it's just easier to laugh. Takes less energy. What really makes you mad is that these types of letters (along with EOBs) always come on a Friday so you can't even pick up the phone and give 'em hell for two days. Maybe that's better. Maybe not.

  3. Oh man. My son could not graduate from high school, but I never received a letter like that. I guess because it's a smaller district they knew better.

  4. you GOTTA be kidding me!! I love when I get a letter from the world of "normality" and the cluelessness of them all... the juxtaposition of it on my life makes me laugh!

  5. Oh my word that's ridiculous.
    I'm glad you're laughing. xoxo

  6. The problem is, we don't all live in the same world. Although you would think that the LAUSD would at least be aware of your world, seeing as how they are given the responsibility of your daughter's education.

    I'm sorry honey. And you did pick the perfect header for this post.

  7. Oy. You'd think that at least for the kids not in mainstream classes they would have some sort of stopgap measure that prevents them from sending such BS and looking at the circumstances.

    Laughter is the best medicine, although wine and good food come in a close second. I say indulge in all three and add deep, dark, silky chocolate as needed.

  8. Why don't school systems flag special ed students in their computer systems, so parents don't get those kind of ridiculous notices? When my daughter was in 9th grade she was in and out of the hospital for a miserable stretch of time. I stayed in contact with my her teachers and kept her on track with classwork as much as possible. When my daughter finally got back to school the vice principal called her into her office and told her that if she missed any more school she would not pass 9th grade. And handed her a rather hostile form letter detailing the error of her ways. Luckily it did not faze my daughter. I asked her if she tried to explain her situation to this woman and my daughter just responded- No, she never asked.

  9. Oh. My. God.
    Screech to a halt, Ms. Ostrich. And peck the shit out of that cheetah.

  10. Where to begin in stomping all over it? This is so bad, so ridiculous, so stupid. If only there could be a little bit of sanity in such institutions, just now and then. Is that too much to ask?

  11. Oh, brother. I think laughter is as good a response as any.

    LOVE that photo.

  12. So sadly in education and society, people, especially children, no longer exist...only strings of digits

  13. i get letters all the time about how my child is habitually tardy. WHATEVERRRRRR.

  14. Unbelievable. I guess she has no alternative but to go to summer school.

  15. Please no disrespect or lack of compassion intended.....but your photo and accompanying remark made me howl with did Denise's response!!!
    Thank you!

    Roadrunner, Roadrunner, runnin' down the road all day....!

  16. That ostrich actually looks very graceful...

  17. I'm torn between feeling sorry for the overworked administrators in that huge school district, and wanting to thump them on the forehead. Do they know their students AT ALL?

    I'm with you - though I often feel like doing both (laughing and crying), I usually choose humor. But when I'm the only one awake, late at night, sometimes the tears slip out.

    My heart goes out to yours.



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