Friday, December 21, 2012

Skeeter and the End of the World

The hairdo is what's so end times, no? Freaking awesome, right?


  1. That hair is awesome! My mom had hair like that. Maybe it will come back in style one day. One can only hope. Hairstyles today are so boring. I can't be one to say what should be in style though because I would love to wear dresses with crinoline and hats.

  2. I am totally Facebooking this. That hair is unbelievable! It's absolutely immobilized with VO5.

  3. Aw. That was sweet. Don't make fun of Skeeter Davis. She was sweet and hot. Hot and sweet.
    That skinny guy at the beginning? Mr. Moon went to school with his son. I am not kidding you. Nashville.



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