Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hour by Hour

7 AM
The hellebore is a harbinger for Spring

8 AM
I get the OK from The Brothers to wear my pajamas in the car driving to school. I do throw on a sweater to spare them my braless tee-shirt.

9:00 AM
Breakfast while working: sourdough toast, butter and jam
Who the hell cares about carbohydrates?

10 AM
Working. My work is for a non-profit organization that provides services to kids in foster care. Heavy, worthwhile stuff. 

11 AM
Shower in the Barbie bathroom

(I know you're thankful I didn't include a shot of me, actually showering)

12:00 PM
Maurice Sendak's My Brother's Book arrives in the mail

Oh my. The illustrations are gorgeous -- nearly Blakean. Here's a page:

1:00 PM
Driving to Santa Monica to a doctor's appointment

2:00 PM
Waiting room at dermatologist's office

3:00 PM
Me, contemplating the forthcoming mole check

4:00 PM
Pick up The Brothers and Noah from School in Koreatown
It was a glorious day in Los Angeles -- at least it looked that way from inside of the car where I spent much of the afternoon

5:00 PM
Contemplating a fancy soda in a fancy Bristol Farms grocery store in the depths of not so fancy Westchester, where I was waiting for Henry's lacrosse game to start

6:00 PM
Henry's semi-final lacrosse game

7:00 PM
Still at lacrosse game, and they're losing, and I'm cold

8:00 PM
Back at the desk, reviewing federal grants for another job


  1. What a nice day, with blue skies and all. You look great. Your hellebore is much, much happier than ours are; I didn't know they could look like that! (Is it just me, or does your dermatologist's wall-covering bear a slight resemblance to wrinkled skin?)

  2. A day in the life! I love it. At least you get out and about, and you aren't behind a desk for 8 hours! (That's what I tell myself whenever my own job stresses kick into high gear.)

  3. Great post! Such a good idea. I may steal it if you don't mind. Not your post, the idea. It would look weird if I was at a lacrosse game, plus people would start thinking we were twins.

  4. I love this idea too and I hope everyone steals it.

    My days are a lot like yours. My work time in the morning passes so quickly compared to the errands and shuttling at the middle and end of it.

    Love your expression in the mole check photo. And the graphics on the Istanbul card on your desk.

  5. I very nearly did the exact post myself this morning because yesterday was so very average and so very busy and I had so little to show for it at the end of the day. I didn't even ferry kids - oh except once. A lot of running around alone.

    Nice alliteration in the beginning there - hellebore and harbingers. If only a herbivore strolled by, but then you hellebore might be hella broken.

  6. I love the photos! Especially the one of you driving. And your ring in the last one is divine. It fascinates me the things that fill our days.

  7. Wow - that looks like a whole lot of busy. Where's the nap?

  8. I enjoyed that cruise through your day - is the barbie bathroom shared by one and all? no wonder there are complaints about the "bits" left at the sink :)

    beautiful ring - it goes with the book illustrations I think

  9. That was fun. And I, too, love that ring.



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