Friday, February 1, 2013

In defense of weirdness and against earnestness and chakras

for Ms. Moon:

If you're partial to Tom Waits and Keith Richards, you might enjoy this. If you're into earnestness and chakras, you probably won't.


  1. I'm partial to ALL of it! Love Tom W., he is a great showman. Knew him way back when he started in his hometown of San Diego. Music will find it's expression and resonate

  2. Just read the following today, and it seemed appropriate. Long live weirdness! -

    Weirdness is a place we carry together, in idiosyncratic contrast and invitation to one another to appreciate, understand, and affirm how we learn and express ourselves. Appreciating and sharing weirdness is making stuff - including writing - with students. Appreciating and sharing weirdness is connected learning.

    (from: Imagine it being said in Tom Waits voice....

  3. I listened to this just the other day (also watched old interviews with Waits on Australian TV). The saccharine versions of Shenandoah just won't get it anymore! (Waits' song, "Big In Japan" is the theme song for a peculiarly endearing psychopathic killer wannabe in my taking-forever-but-in-progress novel!)

  4. I had to listen to this last night after you told me about it. Perfection.
    Or at least my sort of perfection.
    I do love you, Elizabeth.

  5. This is so marvelously gravelly and rough and also soothing, in its way.

    In an previous life, my former husband and I drove around Connemara in the west of County Galway (Ireland) and listened, in succession to 13 different versions of Shenandoah on his iPod. (From his approximately 7,000 songs.) Wish I'd known about this one then!

    My favorite is Van Morrison's:

  6. That made me laugh on the first three words.

    I believe in earnestness over cleverness, but weirdness over earnestness, I think.

    I kind of wish the word was "earnesty".

  7. Love it! I imagine a bunch of men sitting in a pub drinking ale and getting seriously sotted and deliriously chummy, making the kind of music that can only come from comradely - and ale. I love Tom Waits. Thanks for this song today, Elizabeth.



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