Sunday, February 10, 2013

Roses and Thorns

So, I'm finally feeling a bit better. I'm either a giant baby or this virus took hold of my central nervous system and turned me into a sniveling, coughing, whimpering, depressed and irritable old woman. I feel now like I'm one of those cut-back roses, all thorns with no sign of flower. I did rest, though; in fact, I watched all thirteen episodes of the new Netflix series' House of Cards. It was awesome although it made me feel like I should get up and take a shower. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright play just about the most icy, venal couple on the planet. Speaking of planets, it's pretty cold here in Los Angeles at about fifty-five degrees, but it feels like another planet when I see what some of ya'll are dealing with on the east coast. Even though I'm sick, I'm glad I'm not you if you live in Boston or Connecticut or even New York. Call me cruel when I say that snow is pretty, but it's not that pretty. I guess you can get back to me during fire season or when The Big One hits


  1. We all have our climate crap, don't we?
    I am SO glad you are feeling better. We've given ourselves a deadline over here- tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be all well. It has been decided.

  2. Yikes! That picture looks positively apocalyptic. Hope you aren't feeling that poorly.

    Enjoy your weather. I'm glad I'm not on the East Coast today, too, and even happier that Bubba managed to hightail it out of there Thursday night before the flights started getting cancelled.

  3. Hmmm...I'll have to ck out that show on Netflix. I, too, have been sick but I going to a piano concert at the museum today anyway. Spread those germs around!

    I, too, am so glad not to be on the East Coast. We do have our disasters in Cali, but at least I'm familiar with them.

  4. Glad You're feeling better. The man who loves me is sick, too. Terrible Awful No-Good Virus.



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