Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Tuesday, not Monday

I wish I could sing because Bob Dylan said something to the effect that anything worth thinking about is worth singing about. I think he might be right, and it would somehow make the thoughts easier if they were lyrics in a song. I'm thinking about my friend's dead grand-baby who didn't get a birth certificate because she had never taken a breath but she got a death certificate and it's holed up somewhere in a big building needing a signature needing release so the baby will be released. That would be a lyric in something more than a blues song, wouldn't it? The thoughts are worth thinking about but would they be a jazz riff, a lullaby or a dirge? For some reason I am thinking about those black clad Greek women in Zorba the Greek, and how they mourned. I'm thinking about the blurring of novel and movie, Anthony Quinn dancing, the full catastrophe, that music.

Zorba the Greek - Zorbas Dance (Movie Scene... by goldrausch


  1. Maybe Bruce could sing it. Whoever sang it, it would make me cry.

  2. the full catastrophe. wow. this is a hymn, fists against the sky. i'm sorry about your friend's grandbaby.



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