Sunday, February 17, 2013

The whole feast

I woke this morning at around 6:30, and in lieu of entertaining too-early thoughts, I finished Toni Morrison's book Home, which like all of Morrison's books is quietly lyrical when it isn't shocking, and when I put it back down beside my bed, I lay back and fell asleep in the grey light and dreamed of a baby, nursing at my breast and then I woke to blue sky and an implacable sun. The weather today is, again, astonishing, warmer than usual and knowing I'll offend, I feel annoyed by the pressure to enjoy it when I actually would rather sit inside and start up another book. Oliver is playing with the dog in the hallway, making her bark, she's a circus dog, he says when Henry shouts Stop wrapping that belt around her! and I tell them both to go outside for god's sake! and Michael feeds sauteed apples and waffles to Sophie. We are a fortunate bunch, I'd wager, the sun perpetual if weary, the books stacked up no matter, the dog a prancer, the whole feast.


  1. I can remember times, driving in the car with kids in the back who were cracking each other up, laughing, laughing. Laughing so much that I WAS ANNOYED! I knew it was ridiculous- to be annoyed at the sound of my children laughing but it was sometimes just too much, the sheer noisiness of it.
    Like that? Is it like that?

  2. No, I completely understand! Living in sunny Arizona I often crave a gloomy, rainy day just so I can feel justified in curling up with a good book instead of going outdoors and - god forbid - being productive.

  3. It's been perfectly beautiful. But I've been in a reading and writing mood, too. I like my big chair next to the window!

  4. there's nothing wrong with enjoying your fine weather. I've been doing the same. It's lovely and mild here, fresh snow yesterday, beautiful.

  5. Sounds perfectly lovely. The idea of giving yourself permission to read without getting up and fall back asleep, of giving yourself permission to not go outside and enjoy the sunny day. Those are gifts. I am so glad you have them. So behind reading here - I'm catching up today after too many sunny days in a row on vacation before I head back to rainy Seattle.



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