Monday, February 25, 2013

Light, Candy, Oscar and Laundry Monday

That's a photo of the boys' desk in their room, and yes, there are still Christmas gels on the window and yes, I let them keep that huge jar of candy balls on the desk and have found, actually, that they eat less of it when it's right there in front of them. I thought the light coming through the window this morning was beautiful, even as I folded laundry while sitting on Henry's bed in the quiet, and I'm determined to go for a walk this morning and begin, anew, some exercise. I've got nothing more to say about the Oscars last night other than I thought them exceedingly stupid, particularly Seth McFarlane, and I wondered why in the hell Michelle Obama was there virtually with those weird people in military costume standing behind her, contorting their faces uncomfortably. I can't stand Quentin Tarantino and his violent, ugly movies, so I was disappointed that he won Best Original Screenplay over Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom and I also hate musicals (did you know that about me?) so the musical numbers were excruciating to watch except for Adele who I think is fantastic and projects an aura of honesty and sweetness beyond her celebrity. The high moment for me was Daniel Day Lewis, of course, with whom I've been besotted forever, so thank goodness the night wasn't a complete waste of time. So there you go. A mini-critique of the Oscars from another self-absorbed blogger. Now I'm going back to gazing at the pools of light in my house while I clean.


  1. I love Adele too! We only watched the last 45 or so minutes of the Oscars and I fell asleep for part of that. I was happy that Daniel Day Lewis won and didn't see the FLOTUS which, apparently, was just as well. The contemporary mystery on PBS was good.


  2. You should be friends with my Billy on FB. His running commentary there last night was far more entertaining than the Oscars themselves.
    I finally just turned off the TV. It seemed ridiculous to me. Just completely overblown crazy batshit ridiculous. I kept wondering just how much that cost.
    Enjoy your light-gazing. It is perfect here today- raining, raining, raining. I love it. Right now I can see five male cardinals, bright red, at the feeder through the gray rain. It is so beautiful.

  3. I love the Oscars, but for some reason last night I felt embarrassed for nearly everyone on stage, presenters, winners, performers--including MacFarlane, even though I thought he was unnecessarily hard on women, and not funny. I just don't feel that most things can be done with a straight face, anymore--we have left the time of taking things seriously behind. The Oscars should be done with a bit of self-awareness, a wink-wink, and all those people clinging on to the importance of everything--the Oscars, the movies, themselves--just made me feel bad for them. Except for Jennifer Lawrence. I think she gets it. Though I suspect your opinion on her may differ from mine.

    1. Nope. I agree with all of it and think JLaw is adorable and exceedingly talented.

  4. I was really offended by Seth MacFarlane. I felt old and irrelevant and just wanted to shout at him to get the hell off my lawn. I opted instead for turning off his monologue. Perhaps the most glamorous night in Hollywood needs to lose the snark for a while. It is the antithesis of glamour. I was very happy that ARGO won and join in your besottment (new word) of Daniel Day Lewis. What a class act. Jennifer Lawrence was excellent in Silver Linings Playbook and she is darling. I actually hated hated hated Anne Hathaway in Les Mis and think she has taken herself entirely too seriously since then. Sheesh, I can cry like that too - though I could never be that thin. I was born heavier than that. I hated Les Mis too. Bleak story, good music badly performed.

    And now I will hand up my critics hat.

  5. And I would add that the staging was atrocious what with those wagon wheel mushroomy things and the swirlies painted on the stage floor, and the dripping lights and all that black lacquer and silver, it just was dark and claustrophobic staging, an art deco club feel that just did not work for me at all. Jennifer Lawrence tripping was the highlight for me, because she got right up and owned it and it was the most real moment of the whole show. And is it me or had Jennifer Hudson lost her voice along with her weight. Her voice just seemed so much bigger before. And Seth MacFarlane? Really?

  6. But the light in your son's room is lovely.

  7. I didn't even know they Oscar's were on last night until this morning.

    And THANK YOU for not liking QT! How can he come up with so much darkness and be idolized?


  8. I just typed an entire comment and it vanished before my eyes when the page spontaneously reloaded. Argh!

    I didn't watch the Oscars so I can't offer much in the way of a meaningful critique. (Or a critique of your critique.) But I do agree that Moonrise Kingdom deserved some recognition! I bought Adele's song "Skyfall" on iTunes right after we saw the Bond movie, so I'm not entirely surprised she won -- it's a catchy tune. :)

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  10. I didn't watch them, but I am glad Jennifer Lawrence won. I loved Silver Linings. Can I have a jelly bean?

  11. I am so relieved to discover that I am not the only one who can't stand Quentin Tarantino. I find his excuses for his work to be so flimsy and immature and pathetically capitalistic that I wouldn't watch a thing he made. There are so many lovely, lovely things to make movies about that perhaps include some violence or darkness as a necessary part of the story, but he is so enamored of what is going on inside his own bubble that he can't seem to see past it. Disgusting!

    I can only hope that the likes of Adele and Jennifer Lawrence and their honesty and ability to be true to themselves can quietly outshine and turn some of the tide in the face of the ugly nastiness that was this year's Oscars.

  12. It was a tiresome production. And I really don't like QT either, I have not watched any of his movies and don't intend to. They were so rude to the young girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild... (loved that movie) And I love Michelle Obama but that was really awkward. It seems the more things change the more they stay the same.

  13. I tried streaming it on my iPad and it kept crashing ... kismet

    the only movie I saw this year was Beasts of the Southern Wild (loved it) - oh and I guess I saw Skyfall (it was ok) - anyhow - no great loss to have not seen them all :)



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