Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's Louder Than a Jack-Hammer?

The machine used to tamp down dirt in the trench.

The Plumbing Troubles are in their closing days, folks, as the workers are currently moving the dirt from The Pyramids in the Backyard, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow and shovel by shovel, back to its home. The noise from The Machine that Compacts the Dirt is astoundingly loud, even as I sit here typing. Every bit of me is jiggling, and I can only hope I'll lose weight if I sit here long enough. God forbid I should actually wield a shovel or push a wheelbarrow myself.


  1. As I was falling asleep the other night I wondered why in hell they didn't use machinery to dig that trench. Whenever Mr. Moon has to dig up plumbing, he uses...stuff. Machines. There must be a reason.
    So now they ARE using a machine. I'll be so glad for you when this is all over.

  2. Curious about the details...has your family been using a porta-potty while all this is going on?

  3. In the name of fairness, you should be burning calories at twice the rate, with the nuisance level factored in!

  4. glad you can think of something positive in all that havoc - you could invite people to just sit in your house for a fee and lose weight! :)



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