Friday, June 13, 2014

Inclusion, Disability, Iraq, and THCa

There's so much to ponder these days, don't you think? There's that Tumbler going around written by a young woman who cares for her disabled 31 year old sister because her parents died. They live in California and are facing the alarming lack of services and obstacles to getting those services that those of us who already live here are aware of to a nauseating degree. I and some other folks are "on it," though. Stay tuned. Then there's an interesting discussion on my own Facebook page, centered around this article, about the segregation of children with physical disabilities from the elite private schools in Washington, D.C. Some of the commenting got a little testy, including my own, but it's discouraging to think that in 2014, we're still having to not just fight for equal access and inclusion for all children but continue to bring awareness to these issues -- even in the biggest most progressive states in the country.


On another note, our more than a decade long war that resulted in hundreds of thousands of lives lost, thousands of those Americans, trillions of dollars spent and country bankrupted both financially and morally, seems to be imploding again.  That foreign policy "initiative" might have been the worst one our country made in history. And if I have to see or hear that crazy John McCain say anything else about it, I might scream. Honestly, the man should just retire to his hometown in Arizona and play golf. What do you think? Should we just continue to bury our heads in the proverbial sand or protest in some concrete way?

What do I know, though, about anything really? It's a full moon tonight -- the Honey Moon -- and while Sophie's seizures have picked up a bit, maybe because of it, I'm looking forward to seeing it from Calabasas where I'll be driving Henry later for his first club lacrosse practice. In the meantime, for the record, we've added THCa to Sophie's cannabis regime. I'll keep you posted.


  1. News we can use.
    I sure hope that the THCa brings good news.

  2. Some days the news is more than I can bear.

  3. Hope the THCs is magical for Sophie, and that her seizures recede again soon. Love.

  4. In keeping with your standards on this blog to be sensitive towards disabilities, John McCain cannot play golf as he was tortured so severely in service to his country that he cannot raise his hands above his head. He cannot even perform the simple task of combing his hair.!

    1. ANONYMOUS- Thank you for your comment. While aware of them, I had forgotten about McCain's particular disabilities. His "service to his country" is inarguable, but it doesn't excuse his rabid rhetoric. And I'd venture to say that his fortitude and tenacity woyld probably help him to even play golf. There are several websites dedicated to golf and the disabled, including amputees. And if not golf, McCain retiring to a lounge chair by the pool would be preferable to having him as powerful Senator.

  5. The impediments to getting those services that ones rights is inexcusable, but no muscle being used to force the issue. I am ever so sorry for the young woman.

    As for private schools, particularly the elite ones, they are as segregated as can be when it comes to those who are disabled. Question become where the lines can be drawn as to what criterion can be excluded. Same with private colleges. My sons' private schools do accept and have needed accommodations for those with ambulatory disabilities and certain medical conditions, but when it comes to cognitive disabilities, forget it. There isn't is barely a thread of inclusion for those in that category.

    I hope the additon of THCa improves Sophie's condition for her sake and your families, as well as for the many who are looking to you for information in this area. Sophie has become the a pioneer.

  6. You rock, Elizabeth.

  7. Agreed -- Iraq may well be our worst foreign policy initiative ever, though Vietnam ranks right up there too.

    John McCain is getting increasingly bizarre as he gets older. He fancies himself a senior statesman and expert on the middle east, but I'm just seeing a whole lot of crazy.

  8. Sorry so late to the discussion. My kids do go to a private school and I'm not sure how to characterize the abilities of the students there. While none of them is in a wheelchair or requires significant assistive devices, there are some with learning disabilities (Sensory Processing Disorder - my own Lola, dyslexia, dyscalculia) and other challenges like major anxiety disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. That said, there are only four grades and 105 students, so that's a pretty good average, I think. I do know that they are very culturally and socioeconomically diverse, with fully 46% of this past year's students on some form of financial aid, but struggle to find families who think they can apply, especially if parents don't speak English as a first language. In such a small community, we have worked hard to find families to do outreach in their own communities and spread the word. It is truly a school that is committed to diversity of all types and embraces the amazing gifts that come from learning in a varied group of students and teachers.

    As for John McCain - don't get me started!



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