Monday, June 30, 2014

Smells Like Bullshit, Round 4,567,893

I used to regularly do a Smells Like Bullshit post, back in the days when George W was at the helm, and it was near impossible to spend a day without catching a whiff. I've done less ranting and raving on this blog to some of you's delight and haven't really engaged with any conservative trolls in ages and ages, mainly because it's pretty boring to listen to rants and raves from whatever viewpoint you espouse. I'll admit to always having what might be called a problem with authority that hearkens back not as long as my childhood, as I was quite a good girl back in Mid-Century Times. It might have started when my 35 year old boss at the retail brokerage firm where I was working advised me to take on the railroad companies and I said NO! and he said Don't you think we know best what's good for your career? and I said, NO! and quit my job right there, packed up my little photos and African violet and objets d'art from my desk, turned off the gargantuan computer and walked out the door. True, I became a waitress at a restaurant on Music Row and was later trained as a cook by a wife-murderer on furlough, but I didn't respect his authority, either, and I would have been hard put to come up with entertaining stories about utility companies and the craven men who worked in the corner offices of that company, anyway.


My first impulse this morning when I read about the Supreme Court rulings (both the Hobby Lobby and union ones) was f!#*k the Supreme Court. I've always hated the word supreme anything. I like even less the phrase the law of the land which apparently means less and less in this godforsaken primitive country anyway. It's the law that women govern their reproductive rights, their bodies, their health. Isn't it? Apparently not. Screw all the fundamentalist Christians who believe their right to practice their religion trumps a woman's right to get appropriate access to medicine and treatment. I imagine the legions of crafty women who shop at Hobby Lobby making little rubber Jesuses fly around on dinosaurs at this point and their husbands coming to pick them up afterward with machine guns slung over their shoulders, the better to protect them from the likes of us. What kind of name is Hobby Lobby, anyway? Is this a joke? The Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby sounds like a new Taco Bell menu item and definitely smells like bullshit.


  1. Picture me standing, offering you a huge ovation. It could happen.

  2. Absolutely perfect.
    Ain't no roses blooming in these decisions.
    This is all just completely frightening and scary and freaky and weird and wrong, wrong, wrong.
    (I'm glad you quit that job.)

  3. Brilliant. You, that is. Not the idiots!!!!!!!

  4. I can't even. It's so ludicrous.

  5. I mean Elizabeth, this rant is so good it almost makes everything okay.

  6. Thank you for this. Made my day.



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