Sunday, June 8, 2014

San Francisco

That's the view from my big white bed where I'm sitting, tapping this out on my phone. If I got up and walked out there, I'd see this:

Yesterday was pretty great and not a little overwhelming. My presentation went well -- I started with notes but quickly went off-notes, if that's an expression, and during the panel part responded a bit testily to some questions.  It felt exhilarating and exhausting telling Sophie's story to this group of people. Thank you for watching the livestream.  Thank you for your emails -- from all over the world. I hear all of you, and they meant so much.

Here's a photo of one of my beautiful new friends, Cindy, and the equally beautiful Joel Stanley -- one of those Stanley brothers who pioneered Charlotte's Web.

My favorite comment after my presentation was from some guy who approached me and said, You were like a bomb that was dropped into the room! 

If you can't be a bombshell, be a bomb.

Last night my dear friend Sally of Maggie World picked me up and drove me around the city. We had dinner in a tiny old Italian restaurant in North Beach. I had red sangria, and we shared an amaxing appetizer of burrata cheese and tiny fresh tomatoes with olive oil and pesto. Oh, my god, was it good. Then I had sardines and spaghetti -- I ate every single bit, including the bones. We sat upstairs in a bright red room with a ceiling so low you had to duck your head. We were seated at a communal table, right by the window. It was charming.

Now I need to get out of bed and on with the day!


  1. I was so bummed I couldn't be around to watch the livestream, but I'm not surprised to hear you and Sophie and your story were... well... like an explosion in the room. The truth of your specific story is undeniable. How anyone could not say more research is necessary after hearing it... well, they can say what they want but they should be jumping up and down to lead the charge. And... I'm so happy for you that you're done for the moment and can relax and enjoy!

  2. I said a couple of things already on Facebook via Ms. Moon. And also over on her blog. But I want to say directly to you Elizabeth that I was proud of you. So proud. You were articulate and your responses on the panel were kick ass. You could not have done better in my opinion.

    One thing that made my heart jump for some reason was when, prior to your talking the speaker referenced that you'd be telling Sophie's Story. Sophie's Story - it just grabbed my heart the way that sounded.

  3. Please remind people that the Livestream was archived. I can't believe you actually KNOW one of the Stanley brothers now! They're like the rock stars of the frontier of medical marijuana.
    And you know what? He should be damn glad he knows you.
    I sure am.

  4. I'm so glad that your event went well. I lvoe sardines, too. Even the bones! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  5. You are amazing.

  6. Elizabeth, your presentation was excellent; thank you for representing us all. I only managed to join you in mid-speech but am hoping to listen to you in full after Day 3 is archived. In the meantime you earned a rave review based on what I did catch:

    Mary Silenti

  7. I loved everything about this post.

  8. I'm so glad the presentation went well - I had no doubts. The whole trip sounds like a weird mix of life-changing advocacy and respite...I hope both parts were fulfilling. And please post the link when the archive is up - I definitely want to listen.

  9. You are a bombshell and a bomb! I have been alone with the kids all weekend and unable to watch, but I'm going to watch via archive. I don't have to see it to know you were amazing. And the Stanley brother--I honestly thought you were with Jon Hamm. Rock on.

  10. I'm SO glad that you're having this weekend with passionate, committed, interested, interesting people like yourself. With that view, friends, and food as you described, WOW!
    You are da bomb and a bombshell, a light and alight, as far as I'm concerned. xoxo

  11. I'm so glad YOU think your presentation went well, as well as all of us! Sometimes the perspective of the speaker is much different from the audience -- but in this case you DID kick butt and/or explode the room. So glad you were there and glad I was able to watch!

  12. thank you so much for all you do. your talk was wonderful in so many ways! thank you for telling it how it is. oxoxox

  13. Fantastic photos and an important job well done :)!!!



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