Saturday, June 7, 2014

So, that's the view from my balcony. I'm on the 17th floor of one of those atrium style hotels, but the view!

And the bed!

Here's me, lying on the bed.

It's going to be difficult to do that high wire act this morning from such a position. I really wish they could bring the show to my room.

If you want a ticket,  go to and check out the live stream. My portion is at 10:40 AM Pacific Coast Time. Say a prayer that I don't fall off the wire, and that if I do, I either sprout wings and fly or grab one of those strands of light in the lobby, elude The Powers and shimmy up to my white sheets and sailboated horizon.


  1. elizabeth,
    wishing you luck! may your voice, presence and story open some of the medical minds gathered as well as give hope to families. i will be tuning in! xo

  2. I can't wait! You are going to be tremendous! We will all be here, watching you fly and soar.

  3. Good luck! It's people like you that are making this story show up in places that usually don't pay much attention to epilepsy. :)

  4. Your sailboats horizons have got your back. Go do your thing. We're already proud and grateful.

  5. *sailboated horizons

    (Blame autocorrect)

  6. I've got the website all queued up and ready to watch. :)

  7. yes, listening live, all the way from Amsterdam, Holland. You are fab!

  8. Just seen now! You are such a brave mom!
    Sei una mamma coraggiosa!
    Angela from Switzerland
    and that turquoise!

  9. You were wonderful, Elizabeth! I watched a bit before you came on and then watched the panel discussion after your talk. You were articulate, passionate, REAL! And then when you gave your credentials, I thought to myself, "Take that, anybody who thinks this is 'just' a mom with anecdotes!"

    You are on the front lines, and change will happen because you and other people like you are willing to speak out. Keep speaking. Keep writing. You are an amazing woman and a powerful advocate for children with epilepsy. Thank you!

  10. You were wonderful!

    I now grasp a little more fully just what you are up against. I am glad your voice is in the mix, that you are telling Sophie's story. It needs to be heard.

    (and you also looked fabulous dahling.)

  11. I just now got here, but I've been thinking of you all day. You are glowing! With purpose? With rest? Doesn't matter. Just glow.

  12. You were great in all ways Elizabeth - articulate, intelligent, moving and beautiful. Sweet Jo

  13. You certainly did not fall off the wire. You made clear the tremendous difference CBD has made in Sophie's life, and I love that you told the "She in there -- she know" story. (And it got a laugh!) You were a powerful counterpoint to some of the other speakers who tended to wander in the maze of studies and science.

    I understand where that audience member was coming from who worried that CBD is the solution-of-the-moment, but it's indisputable that it works for some people, and your testimony in that regard was invaluable.

    It's so cool to be able to watch you speak at a conference on the other side of the world. The Internet really IS an amazing thing.

  14. I have no doubt you gave a wonderful presentation. And your art museum post below made my blood pressure drop. Thank you this harried morning.



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