Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mini Cannabis Update and Pigs Flying

Sophie has been struggling this week, right through the full moon and beyond. We've added THCa to her medical marijuana regime and have refrained from another Onfi wean. That sentence sounds almost like a foreign language, doesn't it? Last night I spoke with our fantastic Dr. Goldstein who had heard from a few other patients that the newest batch of Charlotte's Web has a lower ratio of CBD to THC, and she suggested the drop might be part of the reason why Sophie is having increased seizures. So far, the best reaction to Charlotte's Web, for Sophie, has been the 28:1 - 32:1 oil, and the one she's using right now is 21:1. We're waiting to see whether we can get a higher ratio, and I have a feeling that that will do the trick.

It's more interesting to me than anything else -- this tinkering and observation of this fantastic new medicine for Sophie. I have a good amount of faith that we'll figure it out, and Sophie will be on her way again to seizure freedom.

I know this blog has been weighty of late -- the Blog of Misery, one of my friends told me -- but I actually feel pretty positive about Charlotte's Web and the stellar cast of characters who are making it happen. I saw that Florida's Bozo of a governor actually signed a medical marijuana bill into law today.

Look out, folks. Pigs are flying!


  1. Because I know our governor, I am certain he has some nefarious reason for signing that bill. It is certainly not because he is either progressive or compassionate.
    Whatever. I am glad he did it.
    Now if he just had NOT signed the very restrictive change to the abortion laws bill.
    Win one, lose one.
    This is life.

  2. Dear Blogger of Misery,
    I like to read your blog.
    Fellow Blogger of Misery

  3. Bozo is too kind a name for the Florida governor.

  4. Blog of Misery is the farthest thing from what I'd have coined this place. Good times and bad I honestly think of this as a Blog of Hope.

  5. I agree with Jill - and
    I must mention yet again how beautiful your girl is



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