Thursday, January 8, 2015

Books & Bakes Number 2

The Book of Salt by Monique Truong

Here's my second notice for my new business/pleasure/ecstatically doing venture. The book we'll be reading is a first novel, and I haven't read it, yet! I remember when it came out, but it passed me by, and when I was mulling over what to assign for my next salon, I went on the internets and stumbled on a syllabus for an English literature class at one of the Best Universities On the West Coast. The name of the course was Literature and Food, and one of the books listed was The Book of Salt. I read a bit more about it and was sold. I toyed, too, with assigning perhaps my very favorite novel -- Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse -- not just because it's incredible but also because a pivotal scene in the novel revolves around boeuf en daube, a perfect meal to make for a group. Maybe another time. For those of you here for the first time, I've recently started a literary and food salon called Books & Bakes. For January I've got two groups reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez' Strange Pilgrims, and I'll be posting pictures and notes about it this weekend. Here's how I describe Books & Bakes on my phantom website*:

Are you a lover of literature but stuck in a book group that never really discusses the book? Are you a lover of food but want to cut through the pretension of the foodie world? Do you revel in devouring both beautiful fiction and food, especially when they intersect? Are you looking for a unique gift for your loved ones or yourself? Come join a community of like-minded souls and share your love of literature and food at the monthly Books & Bakes literary and food salon. Salon size is limited to 10, so rsvp early.

A light dinner, drinks and stimulating conversation are included. 

$75.00 per person includes facilitated discussion about "The Book of Salt" by Monique Truong, related food and alcohol. 

This month's special includes a $25 discount if you bring a man to the group (a little affirmative action!). He'll pay full price!

Email me at and please share with your Los Angeles friends! 

RSVP with your email and/or contact information, which date you prefer. Payment will be expected to confirm spot and can be either mailed or charged to PayPal.  

*I have yet to create a logo, a website, something really professional yet still bohemianish. If you know of any graphic designers who don't charge an arm and a leg or might want to barter (cakes?), please send them my way!


  1. I may throw myself in the marina. Why do I live so far away?
    Really fantastic idea, Elizabeth! I know this will be wildly successful.

  2. This is so perfect for you! My god if I lived near you I'd be at every one!

  3. What if a man brings himself? Does he get the discount? :)

  4. Check this out Elizabeth.

  5. You're awesome. So is your mind.

  6. Alice Babette Toklas arrived in Paris with a trunk filled with brocade jackets, Chinatown red; one fur coat, silver fox; a corset, cherry bright; and armloads of batik and silk dresses in colors that brought out the evergreen in her eyes.

    From The Book of Salt

    I have this book on my bed because I track my meds in it and drag it to my shrink to discuss what's what and what needs refilled and etc the book has become my notebook. I have an Advance Reading Copy of this book and I'm not sure who sent it to me but I love it and you will too. I do love this salon. I am so excited for tonight!

  7. Love, love, love this idea! It will be a smashing success, I'm sure.

    You might try one of the local art institutes to find a graphic designer. Lots of students are willing to work for cheap to get experience.

  8. What a wonderful idea...genius.
    Wish we lived close, this sounds an event worth attending.

  9. I'm going to read this too...if I were closer I would come eat with you and talk about it too. :)

  10. Wow! Brilliant idea. I've never before wished I lived in Southern California, but I do now. Well, I have often wished we were neighbors, you know . . .

    I have this book on my list now and will read along - hungry for talk and good food and bookish company.

  11. Genius!
    Im so excited to hear about this venture!!



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