Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

I had a small party last night, and the last friend didn't leave until after 2:00 in the morning. I cleaned up the mess, checked on my chicks (one in Switzerland, one at a friend's house and one persistently awake) and fell asleep around 3. I drank a few glasses of champagne but this morning I feel as if I drank a few bottles. That's mainly because Sophie was up nearly all night, and while I left her to her own devices for most of it, I periodically woke up to check on her from three until around six o'clock when it became the day. So, 2015. I'd make a resolution or two if I believed in them, but if there's anything I've learned in my fifty-one years of revolving around the sun it's that my intentions are just that, and while I might set them, send them out into the shadows of the future, they'll probably not return as I intended. So, everything is the same and everything is different.

Today I resolve to not get dressed, to lie around and eat slice after slice of white bread toast.

I love the new year -- it really does afford possibility, doesn't it?

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Yes. That's exactly how it should begin :) I'm resuming my Brideshead Revisited marathon . . .

  2. It slipped in casually for me this year. No fanfare. Just the turning if a calendar page. And yet I have the sense that 2015 will be a watershed year. I love your table. Food and libations and books.

  3. We just ate our delicious black-eyed peas and four kinds of greens from my garden with Jessie and Vergil and friends of theirs from out of town. Completely delightful people. I was so glad for them to be here.
    And now I think I'm going to take a nap because I can.
    Here's to all of us!
    Much love.

  4. We went to a friend's where I remembered that I am not a social animal. We stayed for awhile and came home early where we snuggled into bed with the cat.

    I'm wandering around, not sure what to do with myself so I'm catching up on small things like my personal directive and cleaning drawers. I have not idea what this year will bring but it will probably once again force me to grow.

    Take care and enjoy your undress and lying about.

  5. Still in my nightgown here too. Had white bread toast for breakfast. Intention to visit friends later, perhaps resume other toast tomorrow. Happy New Year to you! And thank you for writing.

  6. After the last 2 days you had, I'm sending virtual lilikoi jam for that toast, straight from the vines of Hawaii.

  7. Happy New Year, Elizabeth. What a lovely feast.

  8. Wishing you a wonderful 2015. x0 N2

  9. I don't do resolutions either. I hope you catch up on some rest. At least you got to sample some champagne -- there's never really a BAD time for that. :)

  10. yeah, yeah, no resolutions for me. My 57 years of experience tells me it's a joke to even begin to contemplate them....

    I, too, had a couple of glasses of champagne before we went to bed early. To hear the husband tell it, I was roaring all night long. I don't know, I was deeply asleep.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, lovely friend. I am feeling oddly optimistic about 2015. Like something good's going to happen. But I'm also superstitious and hate saying that. Maybe I've jinxed it.

  12. "So everything is the same and everything is different." Love that line in its complexity and simple truth. Happy New Year to my favorite writer!!



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