Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Because I Had To

Carol of the Day

Call me a nerd (and was I ever!), but I loved listening to John Denver on my stereo in my room. I LOVED him. And John Denver at the Vatican? Gotta love that:


  1. In my cd player right now....JOHN DENVER AND THE MUPPETS
    and it makes me sad...because both he, and Kermit, are no longer with us....

    betcha didnt know...I am a HUGE John Denver fan (and I was not a nerd!)

  2. failed to mention that it is John Denver and the Muppets CHRISTMAS...a Christmas CD..I am not just listening to John and Kermit for the hell of it...

  3. When Chad Mitchell left the trio that bore his name, John Denver took over as lead singer. The Mitchell Trio's version of "Mr. Tambourine Man," sung by Denver, is my favorite. He wasn't with the trio for long, but he was a worthy replacement for Chad.



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