Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Music of the Spheres

I took the kids up to Griffith Observatory and while the lines were too long to go into the planetarium we enjoyed walking around the exhibits inside. I more than enjoyed it, actually. I was mesmerized. Maybe it was Sophie's huge, ugly seizure in the parking lot or the end of the year, but when we reached a long hallway that began with The Big Bang and then proceeded through time to the current day, I wanted to weep. The trail of billions of years was marked by some one's collection of astral jewelry, 2,500 moons, stars, suns and planets swooping and glittering along a hallway, marking time's odyssey. It was a strange and wonderful and unwitting end to my year. There's something about remembering that my place in the grand continuum is really so very, very tiny that is oddly comforting. I don't feel belittled but rather a part of. It feels terrifying and fantastic at the same time.

I guess I could go on and on about time and space and all that blather. But I think I'll end the year with a nod to the universe.

To Galileo and chaos.

To James Dean and Einstein:

To Saturn and Hollywood:

Happy New Year to all!


  1. Exactly! I feel exactly the same way about my place in all of this. Happy 2009.

  2. Hiking up the Superstition Mts
    I felt a similar sense
    of my place in the big picture.
    And the glory in participation.

  3. happy new year to you!

    i love this trip you all took. what a great place to have in your back yard.

    so nice chatting tonight.




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