Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Uber Blog Award

Kate Hopper at Mother Words: Mothers Who Write awarded me the Uber Amazing Blogger Award today, and I'm just thrilled! Thank you so much, Kate.

Now I have to nominate five (or six) other blogs for the Uber Award. Hmmm...this is really difficult because I have a LONG list of favorite blogs and even more on my Favorites Page on my computer. I've decided to narrow it down to those who post pretty regularly. Here's only a start:

1. Laura at Piece of Cake because she got me started blogging and her writing is hilarious and poignant and true. Plus, she's got 150 children all living in a small apartment.
2. Vicki at speak softly because her writing is like crystal and can shatter your heart but give you strength.
3. Jeneva at Busily Seeking...Continual Change because she is able to convey her brilliant, original, weird thoughts about her disabled son AND poetry in a way that I've never read before. Plus she's a poet, and I love a poet.
4. Denise at Birthmother because she is one of my first true writer friends and her story of giving up her son for adoption many years ago and then finding him is a thing of beauty. She also has another blog called His Big Fat Indian Wedding which is a hilarious and sorrowful documentation of her recent divorce.
5. Meredith at spirit~of~the~river because her writing is mysterious and lyrical and her photographs are amazing.
6. Barbara at Writing Time because she is my mentor, the woman who gave me the faith to write again and whose blog is an inspiration to many.

Now, these bloggers need to do the following:

1. Put the logo (award image) on your blog or in a post.
2. Nominate 5 (or 6) blogs that you feel are Uber Amazing.
3. Let them know that they have received the Uber Amazing Blog Award by commenting on their blog.
4. Link to the person who gave you the award (which would be me, of course).


  1. hey i wanted to thank you for this. especially the word 'lyrical' that really makes me feel good. feel heard, ya know? anyway, it's the little things.

    i've been so busy, getting back to work, moving, starting a new school that i haven't had time to respond yet. but i did want to reach out and say thank you. it means alot to me.

    take care.

  2. you're very welcome, meredithwinn



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