Friday, August 14, 2009

Poetry Friday


Dusk and the sea is thus and so. The cat
from two fields away crossing through the grapes.
It is so quiet I can hear the air
in the canebrake. The blond wheat darkens.
The glaze is gone from the bay and the heat lets go.
They have not lit the lamp at the other farm yet
and all at once I feel lonely. What a surprise.
But the air stills, the heat comes back
and I think I am all right again.

from Refusing Heaven
poems by Jack Gilbert


  1. If we just wait long enough, we will feel all right again. Usually.

  2. Feeding the spirit. Poetry for breakfast, what a treat.

  3. I don't take time to find poetry I like, so I very much appreciate when someone brings it to my attention. This one is beautiful, especially, "The glaze is gone from the bay and the heat lets go."

    I like reading, "the heat lets go" given we're experiencing a heat wave that won't "let go."



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