Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Rant

The good news: The Husband's MRI was negative. Looks like some lifestyle changes are in order as stress rears its ugly head and takes over. Thank God.

The bad news: No bad news, actually, just a Thursday RANT.

Why the hell is it a right to bear arms in our country but not to have access to affordable health care?

I know this is one of those questions that people won't ever agree upon (like why will people pay $1.25 for a can of chemical and/or sugar-laden soda but not $3.00 for one dozen farm-raised, organic eggs?), but I feel the cleansing, urgent need to state my feelings:

I want the government, the government of The United States of America, the most powerful, wealthiest government in the world (perhaps the history of the world?), the government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, to ensure that every single American citizen has medical insurance that's affordable. No compromise, no dithering around, no catering to Big Pharm and the whole medical-industrial complex, no tail between the legs at those who cry "Socialism!", no compromise, no concessions. Just do it and do it quickly.

And one more thing: the cash for clunkers thing. What the hell? People are being rewarded with cash for turning in their monstrous, gas-guzzling vehicles after twenty-plus years of being warned how horrible these cars are? After mocking untold numbers of people who were "green" when being so wasn't "hip?" It's all about the money, in the end, and it makes me sick.

And now I'm going to read some poetry.


  1. that's a good new!!!

    and the health system sucks here in brazil too!!

    thank god i don't have to worry about that but a lot of brazilian people have too. but in here, the public hospital are free, but also, they are people who have to wait 3 months for a surgery that they might really need, that sucks, people may die when they are waiting!!

  2. I agree with everything you said. Everything.
    And I am SO glad your husband is okay. Your instincts were all correct.

  3. So glad to hear that the MRI was negative. But that's no good what stress does. I hope he figures out a way to cool things down.

    Second, considering what we have paid out of pocket in therapies, medications and doctor visits this year is nearly equivalent to my first year's working salary -- here, here on health care reform!

  4. Thank you for posting this, and for your kind words to me. Some days are just hard.
    I am THANKFUL for the good news about your husband's MRI, and whatever healthy changes come about because of it.

  5. In my opinion, the fact that there is even a right to bear arms is already quite disturbing. It seems like the country didn't learn from such incidents like Columbine and Virginia Tech. Well, the arms used on both instances might be acquired illegally, but still it proved that the people who sold or owned those guns were irresponsible.
    The government can't really take away the irresponsible gun owners. What they can take away are those arms.
    Just my two cents. :)

  6. I'm glad it's "just" stress...
    Cash For Clunkers -- I heard you can go out and buy a 22mpg car with that cash. How is THAT green? How is smashing ("recycling")a car that actually has reusable parts truly green? I am biased - in a former life I studied transportation planning - but this program is not nearly aggressive enough. With you on the healthcare too. Ugh.

  7. Some days it all just gets to you,doesn't it. At least your hubby is "OK"....try the chiropractor. (Yeah, I know, more $$$)

  8. You go girl!!! You could also rant about how so many conservatives are organizing VIOLENT interruptions of town hall meetings to discuss health care issues just for the hell of it? Here's hoping they'll really need help with paying health bills one day.

  9. Whoo hoo girl - Let Fly....I am soooo with you here!! Both on the healthcare - which I do not have and the car thing!! We walk everywhere and have for nearly six years. We had decided that it was time to buy a car..the younger kids are growing up..So...where is our rebate for not contributing at all to pollution? So many things seem upside down- very frustrating!! GREAT RANT GIRL!!!

  10. Elizabeth,
    Your blog truly moves me. Your strength as a mother is such an inspiration! I've known you in a totally different context, but this side of you is not a surprise to me. What an amazing woman you are.

    Hurray for no BIG seizures for Sophie! She is a heroic and beautiful child. I have hope in her homeopathic remedy.

    Best to your 3 other loves.



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