Friday, August 3, 2012

Four of these things belong together,

four of these things are kinda the same,

Can you tell which thing is not like the others?
Now it's time to play our game.
Time to play our game.


  1. You are so clever! So effing tired of this whole thing but if you want me to meet you at Chick fil a in Hollywood so we can make out next week, let me know.

  2. Oy. I'd say that only one of them belongs in today's world.

  3. Only one depicts a positive image of the diversity and acceptance of mankind...the way things are supposed to be # 4 or 5 ... is there a prize?

  4. Absolutely!

    Unfortunately, Chick-fil-A isn't the only homophobic corporation out there -- which doesn't excuse the behavior of its owners, but we have to look beyond this particular institution, you know? Questions have been raised over the years about Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel and numerous other companies.

    As you point out in this post, the most troubling thing is the surge of support Chick-fil-A received for discriminating. Ugh.

    (I bet I haven't eaten at Chick-fil-A in more than 20 years.)

  5. you are so awesome. yep, there is a lot of fear, hatred and powerplay in the world today. makes me ill. we all live under the same moon, don't we?

  6. amazing. the work is never done.



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