Sunday, August 26, 2012

Loaves and Fishes, Ali Baba's Cave, Barbie and Ken

This is my closet, so small that I call it The Barbie Closet:

Today, on the eve of my 49th birthday and in lieu of doing laundry, I decided to clean it out. Because it only holds as much as Barbie might wear, I do this quite often; in fact, I believe I did a thorough cleaning out just three or four months ago. Astoundingly, I had stacks and stacks of clothing that I haven't worn in years, shoes that were smashed up toward the back, what appeared to be hundreds of wire dry cleaner hangers, crushed up purses and sweater belts rolled into corners. The thought crossed my mind that since it's Sunday, and the eve of my birthday, perhaps the universe was telling me something a la Loaves and Fishes style. Or maybe the Barbie Closet is really Ali Baba's Cave, filled with treasures, so many that a spoiled woman has no idea of the riches inside.

I organized the treasures into bags to be given away, thrown away and worthy of selling. Those worthy of selling will be moved into the back of my car with the other Worthy of Selling items that I culled from the cave three months ago where they will probably travel along with me for another several months.

Whose University of North Carolina letter jacket is this? It's rather small, so I can't imagine it was an old boyfriend's. I believe it belongs to a long ago room-mate who played on the golf team at UNC. I've lost touch with her. Catherine? Are you there? Is this yours?

The hangers are obscuring a pile of clothes that I need to iron. These have been sitting there for almost the entire last half of the summer, another indication that I have too many possessions. The dog is Valentine who is a Standard Poodle and who recently got shaved down because of fleas. God forbid Valentine should stand in an area away from me. Perhaps she's just marveling at the endless amount of fish and loaves that keep coming out of the Barbie closet.

What do you notice in the above photo? Here, I'll zoom in on one side:

To be fair, Ken's closet is located in Henry and Oliver's room, and they are fairly squished together into their own room. But the state of affairs on one side of the room is shameful. I'm not going to tell you who's who and what's what, though, as that would be bad parenting and perhaps suggest that I favor one child over the other. But I'd love it if you guessed.


  1. I used to have a closet about that size that Mr. Moon and I shared. To be fair, there was a his-side and a her-side. Somehow, it worked.
    I have a much-bigger closet now and it is entirely packed with stuff, 99% of which I do not ever wear. Or use.
    Happy birthday eve, darling Elizabeth! Now- please- relax and have a little bit of fun, whatever that may entail.

  2. I bet that messy side is Olivers!

    Happy almost birthday, wonderful woman.

  3. Oh, this is tempting me to take a photo of David's room (David, who has not unpacked since returning from college in MAY). But then, to be fair, I'd have to show you a photo of my room, and other areas that house my piles of things, and I'm surely not that brave. You are, though.
    And happy (early) birthday to you!

  4. I JUST got back from the Container Store where I was lusting after the closet organization products. As for the boys' room - I have one daughter that is extremely organized and another that is the exact opposite. I've decided there is only so much a mother can do when it comes to having tidy children.

    Happy almost birthday, Elizabeth! 49? You're still a puppy.

  5. Something about your home is comforting and beautiful. The array of colors, the light, the way the tumble and tidiness of everyday life reveals the presence of a good mind. I don't know, but I always love it when you show a little bit of it.

    I toss my guess in that this is Oliver's half. For many reasons :)

    And you know my dear, if this is the eve of your 49th birthday, tomorrow will be the eve of the first day of your 50th year. Maybe not a puppy, but a full grown bitch...xx I hope you are laughing at that one!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to a beautiful and dear YOU !

  6. Ooh, I'll bet you're getting rid of fabulous things--because you always look fabulous. Which is not to say that you shouldn't get rid of them.
    Closet cleaning is never ending.
    Happy birthday, gorgeous and amazing, you.

  7. I love cleaning out closets and drawers. It's always such a freeing, liberating feeling!

    I'm not taking any guesses on the room. I don't want to point the finger at the wrong person! (Besides, actually, the condition of the left side of the room is not as surprising to me as the condition of the RIGHT side!)

  8. I have a Barbie-sized closet as well. In fact, my home possesses exactly three closets - one in each bedroom and a linen closet (if you could call it that.) Oh, and a former furnace closet that is now a small storage shelf. What I wouldn't give for a coat closet! (I guess home builders in Florida in the 1950's thought that Floridians didn't wear coats.)

    As for the divided room, hmmm. I would guess Oliver's side is on the left, but I'm not sure, as my grown daughter is quite capable of leaving a room that looks quite similar to that, herself...

  9. My sons shared a room for many years. It was ALWASY a mess and they always pointed the finger at each other. Then we moved Maggie downstairs to the breakfast room and the boys each had their own room. Now, I thought I will get to the bottom of this.

    turns out it was a tie. They are both incredible slobs.

    I'm so proud. (They definitely get that from MY side!)



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