Sunday, August 19, 2012

Questions about too many birds -- Random Poetry Sunday with Music

Listen to this while reading the following poem:

A Question about Birds

I am going to sit on a rock near some water
or on a slope of grass
under a high ceiling of white clouds,

and I am going to stop talking
so I can wander around in that spot
the way John James Audubon might have wandered

through a forest of speckled sunlight,
stopping now and then to lean
against an elm, mop his brow,

and listen to the songs of birds.
Did he wonder, as I often do,
how they regard the songs of other species?

Would it be like listening to the Chinese
merchants at an outdoor market?
Or do all the birds perfectly understand one another?

Or is that nervous chittering
I often hear from the upper branches
the sound of some tireless little translator?

Billy Collins, from his collection horoscopes from the dead


  1. Billy Collins just makes me happy.
    So do you.

  2. Do you know the anthology A Poets Guide to Birds? Or something like that. Birds make me happy. And Billy Collins.

  3. It's HARD to listen to a song and read a poem at the same time!



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