Friday, August 17, 2012

Late morning conversation with my trainer

10:30 am, Oliver has just woken up.

Well, good morning, buddy!

Hi, Mom. Why are you all red and sweaty?

Well, I just got back from my run/walk.


I'm sorry, but I wanted to do it before it got too hot, and you were sleeping. You sure sleep late these days.

Yeah, I'm becoming a teenager.

You are?

Yeah, that's what Henry says. He's still sleeping.


  1. Oh, Oliver! Don't listen to him! Don't become a teenager!

    I know, it's inevitable. Lola has discovered sleeping in this summer, too, and while it's sad, it also affords me a certain measure of alone-time in the mornings which isn't half bad.

    Good for you for running today. I'm inspired but it's too hot now. Maybe tomorrow. ;-)

  2. You are inspiring me too. I hate it, but you are.

  3. PS: LOVE Oliver's tee shirt. And don't tell him, but he looks a bit younger here to me, still has that adorable "baby" quality to his sweet little face. But he is probably wanting (!) to become a teenager.

  4. Oh, but look at that baby face! He can't be a teenager yet.

    My kids, especially my son sleep all day and stay awake all night. That is going to end soon as school is going back in session. And not a moment to soon!

  5. Good for you - and he is a riot!

  6. Ha! Even when I was a teenager, I couldn't sleep in. I've always been an early riser. Must be in my genes, from the days when my great-grandparents were farmers!

  7. What a charming boy.

    And the rug is charming, too.

  8. He is SO cute! And I love the title of the blog entry.

  9. oliver is always so busy. i will never forget the post about the trophies from the yard sale, or the one with the inflatable palm tree that he used to make his own personal paradise in your back yard. he has such a rich imagined life. i wouldn't be surprised if he followed his mama's footsteps and became a writer.



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