Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Reading

When you hate to read, dress like a sumo wrestler.


  1. I only dress that way when reading something I don't particularly like. I'd put on the outfit more often if I looked as cute!!


  2. This made my day! Thank you. S. Jo

  3. oh how i hated summer reading! and it wasn't even my assignment. or rather, my assignment was making sure they got it done. THAT's what i hated. looks like oliver has found a way to make it interesting.

    and you know, studies show that when you can associate some odd thing, like being a sumo wrestler's suit, with a particular study, recall is greatly improved!

    oliver's on to something!

  4. Oh, Elizabeth- the joy of the boy!
    Love him, love you. Love your world.

  5. Only Oliver. Only Oliver you would find reading in this attire. Oh and maybe Joe.

    Another of your family members that cracks me up.

    Not sure if you got my text but look for a package tomorrow. Fed EX. I believe in an entire birthday week. Needs to start a minimum of 5 days in advance. Wanted to start yours out right.

  6. Got such a chuckle out of this photograph of Oliver. I have no doubt that he and Weston would be good friends, the sumu wrestler and the juggernaut.

  7. He looks kind of sad all alone in the sumo suit. Too bad Henry didn't put one on, too, and take him outside to prevent him from having to read at all...



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