Thursday, August 30, 2012

I take back my pledge not to donate any money to a political campaign.

Yup. I'm as flip-floppy as Mitt Romney, apparently. After deriding the grotesque amounts of money being swung around this election -- on both sides -- while apparently the country is drowning economically, I listened for one tiny moment to Paul Ryan's speech, noticed how his hairline sort of resembles the evil Coach K's from Duke (maybe not the line but certainly the color, and forgive me, Stephanie, for slamming your beloved alma mater), read that nearly every single news outlet on both sides basically called him a liar and whipped out my beleaguered credit card when invited to do so by the Obama folks. Granted, I only donated $15, which will open up the floodgates of emailed campaign material if not help to tip the election, but I'm officially in. I'm also going to make a giant poster and wave flags next week in Charlotte at the DNC.

Just kidding.

Now, I'm going to take some Vitamin C and feel ever so grateful that I have a sore throat and other indications of a virus, as opposed to what I had imagined earlier in the week when I just didn't feel so good.


  1. I'm in also; I just fear that no matter who wins, we will still have four years of a stalemated, divided government...and a house divided against itself ain't ever good...

  2. Yep. As I just said over at Angella's, it's time for me to donate again. We have to.

  3. The president and I thank you! Now I'm going to push the button once more.


  4. We gave to Obama. Sometimes you just have to work with the system, you know?

  5. Yes... I donated too. After vowing I wouldn't participate this year with all the Super PACS. I was ecstatic that college football started last night. We went to our local university game and didn't have to hear a second of Mitt's speech. Also, I heard that some show called "Honey Boo Boo" on TLC got higher ratings than the RNC on the night Ryan spoke.

  6. He has my pitiful donation too ... But I just hate getting all that e-mail. I guess I could unsubscribe to it but that feels like treachery somehow.

  7. If you can't beat 'em...

    I get around fifteen emails a day from different people asking for money for Democratic campaigns. The thing I resent the most is the fearful - nee, panicked - tone of the emails - "IF WE DON'T OUTSPEND THEM TODAY..."

    I personally can't wait until November when I can hang up the checkbook for another four years...

  8. You warned me, but it wasn't that bad of a slam! And you're right, evil hair!! Great post, as usual. BTW, I'm headed to CHAPEL HILL today, taking Sal to check it out. I'll donate to Obama instead of the Dean Dome.



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