Monday, August 20, 2012

Who loves ya?

So what I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women.
-- President Barack Obama, on recent comments by Republican Representative Todd Akin about rape 

Yeah, yeah, I know Obama making this statement so publicly is about politics, but when Truth is stated, it bears repeating. Over and over and over and over. In this case, I'm grateful for the extrapolation from the POTUS.

Although these particular comments have led Governor Romney and other Republicans to distance themselves, I think the underlying notion that we should be making decisions on behalf of women for their health care decisions, or qualifying forcible rape versus non-forcible rape, I think those are broader issues,

Now, I'm going to mull, again, over those who would support Akin's candidacy at this point. And then, I'm going to venture toward wondering why any woman would vote for a Romney/Ryan ticket. Looking on the bright side, I imagine my brain will get a good enough work-out to ward off dementia.

Akin was Paul Ryan’s co-sponsor on a House bill just last year banning the use of federal funds for abortion except in cases of “forcible rape.” This term seemed laughably redundant since all rape, by definition, is forced. But this redefinition of rape was deceptively sinister. Statutory rapists often use coercion but not physical force. If the measure had passed, a 13-year-old emotionally manipulated into having sex with an older friend or relative would no longer be able to use Medicaid to terminate a resulting pregnancy. Nor would her parents be able to use their tax-exempt health savings fund.
from The Danger of Laughing at Todd Akin by Ilyse Hogue in The Nation 


  1. The people who define 'forcible rape' vs. huh, other rape, are a whole lotta crazy. Perhaps they have a personal investment in the different terms....

  2. I am trembling in anger today.

  3. Wrote an entire blog post on this one today. It was brief, though, and to the point.

    Women are NOT less valuable than men.

    (And I know there are political games going on, but I still choose to believe that Obama actually means what he says.)

  4. PREACH! I had not yet heard POTUS' reaction and I love hearing it through the sharply witty EA filter. I'm fired up.

  5. The whole thing is so sick, but also a gift. Bringing Akin's demented beliefs out into the open for all to see is a good thing.



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