Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tree Pose on a Surfboard

photo: Leroy Grannis via Sixand5

I've written plenty of posts here about my obsession with surfing. No, I have never actually surfed but characteristically, I talk about surfing, my desire to surf and my wish that in my next life I come back as a surfer, a real surfer who does nothing but surf, perhaps earns her living working in a beach shack surf shop and doesn't think too much about anything other than waves and drag (is that a surfing term?), and maybe I'll smoke pot a lot and grow my own, just another plant in my little garden in the front yard of my little house down a side-street, painted pale yellow with a front porch where I'll sit when I'm not surfing and read books but not get carried away with the thinking about books and my friends will visit me and we'll just go surfing together.  I'll meditate, too, right on the beach, blanketed by morning haze and when the haze burns off and the sky blazes through, I'll surf.

Today, I watched this video of the great Jack Kornfield, one of the gurus of mindfulness meditation, and it made me happy so I'll share it with you.


  1. not too sure about the swami dude - but your dream sounds a lot like mine :)

  2. I can absolutely see you working at a beach shack surf shop. Actually, in my fantasy I see you owning the place. And being kind of a hippie mother/lover to all the young beach studs. And maybe you throw pots. And paint furniture. And make mosaics and yard art out of found materials from the beach. And I own the groovy coffee shop next door! And we hang out together every day. And never wear bras. Oh this is getting good...

  3. Thanks for that video, E. What a sweet image he gives of the Swami.

    Surfing always reminds me of birthing and how we had to "ride the wave" of that pain.

    But I like much better, the image of you as a surfer. Free and unfettered - your only purpose to ride the waves of the ocean.

  4. I think Jack Kornfield would tell you that you are a surfer, Elizabeth. Right now, right here.

  5. Did I tell you my son-in-law is going to teach me to surf one of these days? Wanna join us?

    Hey, you mentioned your friends visiting you and going surfing but you didn't mention your friends visiting you going surfing AND smoking pot with you. If that is the case I think you will have a lot more takers.

    Sorry I missed today. I am sure it was a wonderful celebration.

  6. How about we be neighbours. I want to open a yoga studio and smoke pot. I will paint my house purple with a pink picket fence. And it will have willow trees in the front yard.

  7. Love the video -- but even more, I love Gretchen's description of your surfer life!

  8. I love Jack, he was my first Buddhist teacher.

  9. OK...so you just have to watch the documentary "Step into Liquid"! Have you seen it yet? It follows the allure of surfing for people from all walks of life. You will love it!

    And btw, may I add to you and your reader's wonderful images? I will own the light blue house on the left of you. I will travel the world hiking and climbing mountains but when I return we smoke a few doobies on your front porch, catch a few sunset waves and sit by the beach bonfire while our bronzed surfer lovers read us poetry and whisper in our ears.

    Thank you for this lovely reprieve. I think your delightful imagination is the perfect antidote to stressful living!



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