Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Even my mother has suggested that I write a children's book  -- you know, something to take my mind off what I usually write about. I can't tell you why I write what I do write, other than that I'm here to tell a story and right now, it's my story to tell. I have an email subscription to Medscape, the godawful site that sends pertinent medical information my way. Whenever something in the neurology field, or more specifically epilepsy field, pops up on Medscape, I get a notice in my inbox. Last night I got this:

Medscape Topic Alert
Here are the newly published articles in your area(s) of interest for July 31, 2012:


Seizure Freedom: How Many Antiepileptic Drugs to Try?
Medscape Neurology


This cracked me up -- literally made me laugh out loud. I immediately envisioned myself, sitting at the breakfast table with my cup of coffee, musing on how many antiepileptic drugs to try. I imagined a street game of sorts, maybe even darts, a jocular list of dos and don'ts, pros and cons. There would be a carnival barker, someone to call the shots -- will she try one more? 

How many epileptic drugs to try?

I might as well be a snake wrangler at a side-show. Humor me, Reader. I might just be going insane.


  1. Thank god you have a sense of humor. Otherwise- well, I don't even want to think of the consequences.

  2. After Maurice Sendak died, someone on the radio was saying he was such a huge hit because kids' books don't usually address the darker things. Perhaps a book on snakes? The endless varieties of snake venom?

  3. I too thought of Maurice Sendak, who said the stories that interested him
    had to draw blood.

  4. A street game with a carnival barker focused on trying pharmaceuticals -- that could be a children's book, but probably not one that would be published.

    Was the article helpful at all?

  5. You're not insane...just absolutely wonderful.

    And having just come off of finishing a children's book (and now the publishing process with a small uni. press), I can tell you that writing for children can be stressful, too.

  6. 6. No wait, I'll get it.

  7. I don't think you're insane at all - maybe quirky? I like quirky humor. And we need humor in this world!



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