Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm still in pajamas, feeling a tad sick for some reason and trying to ignore it. Oliver and I have had a productive morning, nonetheless, and are waiting for a Parkin cake to finish baking. It's some 18th century recipe that the Northern English ate on Guy Fawkes Day, made with oats, ginger, molasses and honey. We've been reading about the early empires -- the Holy Roman Empire and Spain -- as well as the Protestant rebellions and King James. We missed the actual Guy Fawkes day (November 5th) and Oliver would rather have replicated a bonfire, but cake in one's pajamas at noon on a school day is fine. There was some geography involved, as well as reading and questions to answer. He also worked on an online program for reading that someone recommended for dyslexics, and that'll be it for today. The picture above is of The Big O at the Science Center yesterday where we went for an afternoon field trip with some friends.

(And this won't become a homeschooling blog, in case you're getting nervous -- I'll just periodically update you on our adventures with some information on what we're doing and the resources we're using).


The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child
Volume 3: Early Modern Times
from Elizabeth the First to the Forty-Niners

Reading Horizons At-Home


  1. Here's hoping that Guy Fawkes cake takes care of whatever ails you. And that sounds like a very productive day. I'm so happy that you and Oliver are working this out. What a gift you've given him. He will never forget it.


  2. When that picture first floated (haha) into my view, my immediate reaction was that it was one of those NASA pictures of Earth, taken from outer space. The shape, the colors, my older-aged brain.
    You can write about whatever you want to write and it will always be worth reading. I learn so much from you. You are a natural teacher.
    Now feel better.

  3. This can be whatever kind of blog you want and I will still come and read here and visit with your gorgeous family. I love hearing about all of it and I'm thrilled for Oliver and his adventures.

  4. I can feel the ease with him. And that ease is where some serious learning can begin.

  5. I have a happy visual now : cake in ones pajamas

  6. I love hearing what you and Oliver are doing toward his better education.
    Love the current header with you and Henry, too.
    x0 N2

  7. Having home schooled my daughter for several years, I find your update fascinating. You are the perfect person for this job. Oliver is a very lucky boy.

  8. I hope that feeling of sickness passes. Please DO update us on homeschooling - it's invigorating to read about what you and O are doing. You are - with your gifts of seeing and describing - giving a voice and face to a situation which is often left unsaid and unseen. I love knowing that your O is now having the school experience of which many of us could only dream...

  9. I'm kind of intrigued about the home-schooling thing, especially since I know you're taking the secular approach. It seems like a lot to go from the Holy Roman Empire to Spain to Guy Fawkes Day all in one day! Of course we live through Guy Fawkes every year, and it let me tell you it seems much more glamorous than it actually is -- it's mostly just noisy, setting off the car alarms and disturbing the dogs. :)

  10. Keep following your instincts (I am telling myself this at the same time). We have 3 children, and have dabbled in homeschooling on and off (homeschooled grades k,1,2,7,8 for various kids, variety of reasons). This year (grades 7,9,11) we are all back in public school as I have landed a full time job. And when we can't take it any more, we call in sick and bake. You are a great mom and I love your blog.

  11. Lots of great photos here over the years. This one of Oliver is in my top 5 faves. I'm sure you and Oliver know Walt Disney was dyslexic. This cheered up our granddaughter, Julia, back when she was about 10 and getting harassed by the mean girls. She is 16 now; still has some issues with traditional reading, but has turned into a fantastic storyteller with quite a following. Most of her stories are thumb-wonders via her phone and posted to a web site.



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