Thursday, December 26, 2013

This happened, part five

Digging commenced.

I was settling in to listen to the last fifteen minutes of the movie Her when my phone vibrated persistently from home. I scurried down the aisle and called home, listened to Henry tell me that Sophie had hurt her head during a seizure, that the babysitter was with her and she was all right, but could I come home and I kept walking out of the theater and drove home like -- like what? Like a bat out of a hell? Like a woman on fire? Like a mother traumatized by this insane life?

I won't attach a photo of the goose egg on Sophie's forehead that she got as a result of the drop seizure in her bedroom because I squirm when I see those very explicit shots that people share on the blogosphere. It was traumatic, though, and I now feel as if the pick-axe the guy wielded all day on the side of my house has entered my own head. Other than that, Sophie seems all right so I guess we'll have to be all right, too.

A friend posted on Facebook that 2013 was the second worst year of her life, and I know that the worst year of her life was pretty damn horrible. She also posted that she was going to eke out gratitude for the remaining six days of the year. Perhaps I should do the same.

I'm grateful for my strong and healthy constitution.


  1. This year was suckalicious. Let's go drink girly martinis and eat bad-for-us food.

  2. I loathe goose eggs on the heads of people I love.

  3. Kerry's mom, KristenDecember 26, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    Yup. 2013 can suck it, really.

  4. Honestly- 2013 has been the SUCK, SUCK SUCKME SUCK.
    Well, except for Jessie's wedding which was the epitome of cool, beautiful. light, love.
    Oh baby.
    God. Let's just keep holding on to each other.
    Love your new header.
    I love you.

  5. Your new that you inside that divine space on that peaceful beach? I'm knocking on your door, chilled prosecco and flutes in hand. Oh hon. It's been quite a year. not quite sure what to say about it except...that header. Yes.

  6. Can I join you in that Airstream? I won't tell anyone where to find us.

  7. hope Sophie is better now, it's good that she had her brother watch over for her, and call you.

  8. As Gilda Radner's character Emily LaTella would say, "If it's not one thing, it's another. Either your daughter gets a goose egg on her pretty head or you come out of the cafe restroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe!"

    Love the new header -- I wanna go!

  9. I really do hope your daughter is better now. That new header is beautiful! Here's to you and your family and to a glorious new year to all of you.

    Greetings from London.

  10. I'm catching up ... But I'll just say one thing - you don't strike me as one to "eke" out anything - but rather one to chase it down trample it squeeze it wring it out - and get every last drop out of that damn thing

  11. oh geez, not a seizure :(. sorry....

  12. Oh, yikes. I panned down to this entry when I read farther up about "Sophie's terrible fall." So sorry to hear about it, and that you had to flee the theater early. I hope she's better now.

  13. I love the bedecked airstream. I both love and hate the stoicism of your Henry when faced with his sister's fall and injury - the fact that his reality, your family reality, is such that a teenage boy can matter-of-factly assess a situation which would be beyond the scope of most boys his age. I understand this - my daughter possesses this same quality - this almost war-zone acceptance of what is, everyday, along with a deep compassion that I see also in your boys. I love your gratitude list, because it is honest and so you. Wishing you and all your dear family a happier, healthier, new year.

  14. 2013 was a terrifically challenging year for most everyone I know. Here's hoping 2014 is much better. I'm sorry Sophie had a giant seizure, but I love that Henry called you for support and didn't hesitate to ask you to come home. You are raising such lovely, confident, children. I hope you know that.

    And the digging. Well, we know about demo and repair around here, thanks to the last few months. I can only hope that the workers are clean, quiet, and courteous, not to mention FAST. Hang in there!



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