Friday, December 20, 2013

Pretty sunsets, mall Targets and dynasties of ducks

I spent last night at a godforsaken mall Target that I'd never before visited. Henry has begun winter lacrosse, and what better time to have practice on the other side of town than the week before Christmas? I thought I'd kill the proverbial birds with one stone, drop him off and do some party shopping. When Oliver and I took an elevator from a teeming, Christmas jingly mall up to The Target, we faced hordes -- literally hordes -- of shoppers, but we were already committed and plunged right in. At one point, as Oliver chattered on, I wished I'd drop dead. Hyperbole aside, I'm done. Done with the whole Christmas shebang.


Oh, and I have to just get it out of my system, but did ya'll see the Duck Dynasty clan's pathetic response to the A&E controversy? It'll make your skin crawl, unless you're a God-fearing evangelical and then you can just feel all smug and good about your own clan. I regret ever putting money into those people's pockets by laughing at their bullshit. Hopefully, the rapture happens soon and takes them all away so we can continue smoking on the infernal coals of hell. Or in Target Malls.


  1. Those Duck Fucks (thank bog I don't have cable I've only caught glimpses of them accidentally) are even more perplexing than that whole Kardashian craze. None of these people have talent. How in the hell do they get their own shows?

  2. I watched it twice to see what all the pop culture hubbub was about. I've been over it for a while, but if I could get any more over it, this would do it. I love how the statement twists the hate speech into being a follower of the Bible. Yuck. Fuck a duck.

  3. Well you know how I feel about it now.
    And not only did we both discuss the Duck Fuck, we also both wrote about Target, albeit in different contexts.
    And girl? I am so over Christmas that I'll join you in the dropping dead thing. If I hear ONE MORE CHRISTMAS CAROL, I can't be responsible for my actions.

  4. You know, at least with Target, everything is in one place. Yes, it's Hell, but it's a convenient Hell.

    I haven't followed the whole Duck Dynasty thing very closely -- we don't watch it over here, though I think it is broadcast. I grew up around Duck Dynasty types and I pretty much feel like I've done my time.

  5. in the name of (my) survival, i've simplified our christmas years ago. in fact, this year is so simple, that we haven't even done our christmas tree yet! bad mamma ... well, today is the day!



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