Friday, April 18, 2014

Futbol: The Beautiful Game

Henry, his friend Noah, Sophie and I walked over to LACMA to see the exhibit Futbol: The Beautiful Game. I don't have much interest in soccer, to tell you the truth, but the exhibit was thrilling. Here's how the museum described it:

The exhibition examines football—nicknamed "the beautiful game" by one sports commentator—and its significance in societies around the world. As a subject, football touches on issues of nationalism and identity, globalism and mass spectacle, as well as the common human experience shared by spectators from many cultures.

It's also intensely masculine, and the concept of machismo was explored as well -- no female athletes represented, here -- and I have to admit that a series of black and white photos of some Italian stars "looking vulnerable despite victory" were very easy on the eyes. I'm sorry that I don't have the artists' names -- there was one Andy Warhol print of Pele, but the more than thirty other artists weren't familiar to me.

This was my favorite piece:

And I loved this one, too:

You can read more about it here.


  1. I love how we can appreciate the beauty of even that which is alien to us.

  2. The exhibit looks wonderful but may i say your son Henry is also very handsome.

  3. Interesting artworks! That top piece especially is kind of mind-blowing. I don't get sports fervor at all, but I can appreciate art that tries to capture that energy.

  4. Oh! You have made the exhibit more interesting and beautiful with these shots of Henry and friend. This would make a great series, people looking at art. I'm sure it's been done. Hasn't everything?

  5. I LOVE the irreverence of the Stadium. Love the Jesus figures embracing the whole, the Buddhas in the stands, the good luck kitties waving, the sailors at attention, the hulk team playing againest spiderman (?). THE HUMOR, THE IRONY, THE CHUTZPAH!
    -Celtic Lass-



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