Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Poetry When You're Sick

One Dandelion
Atwater Village, April

To Some Buckets
Waiting to fill you, buckets,
One morning it was afternoon
Then evening, all the same except
One time when I filled you
And carried you to the apartment
In which a dog was sitting
I forget its name. He drank thirstily
And well I brought you
To other places too with always
A strain, hurting my arms
For you are heavy you
Are heavy with water filled
Whether it was on Leyte
That I carried you 
To fellow soldiers
Or up to the blankets, from the sea,
To some who were too hot. It makes
For giddiness to
Concentrate on you
Concentric buckets - senseless -
You lend your sides to the soul.

Kenneth Koch
via The Borzoi Reader


  1. Rest and drink plenty of good water.

  2. wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

  3. Oh god that poem. Thank you. Feel better.

  4. Alright, friend, I've been absent for a long, long time. I've been absent from your blog and from my own. I might return to mine in the foreseeable future (maybe even this morning, if Maybelle stays upstairs playing with The Haley). But my first priority is to catch up on the blogs of people I love.

    Good morning! I'm so glad to read what you're up to. xoxoxo!

  5. Just last night I read RLS to my girl.
    I hope you feel better soon & all your toys beside you lay, and kept you happy all the day.



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