Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Mother Girds Her Loins

I was about to lose my mind.

Oliver kept repeating the following:

Mother Trucker
That hurt like a butt cheek on a stick.

When I say, "kept repeating," I meant it -- over and over and over -- incessantly. In a redneck accent.

Henry raised his hand to punch his brother and apparently thought better of it.

My mind is lost, but my selfie skills are intact.

Reader, how was your Tuesday before the Hellidays?


  1. Oh gawd. Well, not quite like that, but I'm losing my mind. I now have a note on my microwave telling me how long to heat my milk for a latté because I keep boiling it over. Stay strong.

  2. And a beautiful selfie it is! I stayed in bed a lot and now I am drinking a beer and eating tortilla chips. Sweet Jo

  3. Okay. I give up. What is a butt cheek on a stick?
    We're about to float away in Florida. Somehow it doesn't even matter.

  4. After the Christmas cookie "fail" yesterday (due to whole wheat pastry flour - please don't even ask) we are chillaxin with an appetizer dinner. No use stressing over what is supposed to be fun, right? Xoxo

  5. Your selfie skills definitely intact!!! Love the picture. Happy Holidays and best of the New Year be yours!!!

  6. i say mother trucker ;)
    i hope your son doesn't punch ME!


  7. About the same. Two boys, one repeating similar lines, the other doing the punching.

  8. Repeat after me: "Son, if you can manage to NOT say that for the next 3 hours, I will lay some cold hard cash on yer ass."

    Me? I keep forgetting things at the grocery store. Husband is out now picking up that"one last" item I need for cooking. My mind is gone....

    Pass the rum and egg nog....



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